Seduction: the act of, or something that, attracts or charms (to lead astray).

For over a decade the extraordinary charm and quality of the smokes from Kaizad Hansotia and Gurkha have attracted my attention and lead me astray from the ordinary, the bland, and the boring.

My Gurkha Seduction, a 6×5 Toro, graciously led me astray from the sweltering heat of a 102℉! day in the sun (and that was not including a heat index). With the world in danger of melting around me, I was happy to settle in for a medium-bodied ride through cigarland.


That shrub behind me burst into flames whilst I puffed and sweated away.

This stick has the looks to seduce any smoker. It’s a solid beauty – dark, oily, a little veiny. Hansotia and company always go above and beyond with design and presentation too. Take a look at the work of art of a band here:


The burn was even and the draw light and easy. The gray ash, if a little flaky (could have been the heat – I was flaky too…), formed well and stayed in its place.

The flavoring began a bit slowly, though about an inch in, the experience mellowed and a deep earthiness flowed, mixed with cedar and spice. The smoke was not too sweet, nor too spicy. For the end of a HOT day, it was just right. In cooler climates this one would pair wonderfully with a morning (or evening) coffee as it holds its own hints of espresso.

My imagination tells me the coffee taste comes from Columbia. The best coffee beans come from Columbia and so does the rich Corojo filler tobacco. The package is bound up in Dominican Olor (said to be the D.R.’s “native” leaf) and wrapped in a shiny Habano leaf from Ecuador.


The smoking experience was as tempting as the name suggests. It was solid though a little lighter than what I normally go for. As I said above, I was happily lead astray here. Speaking of…

Don’t you be led astray; order your Seduction from my friends at Cigars City – the world’s finest selection and pricing! I had to do a double-take when examining the prices Anthony allows on these babies. One normally associated a Gurkha with the $10 – 15 range. Somehow CC manages to cut that pretty much in half. Think about it, you get a world-class cigar for what has become almost a value stick price. That’s attractive and charming!