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It’s almost funny, too.

In their quest to do … whatever one does with Pokemon, people are now crashing cars and trespassing on private property.

PHOENIX (AP) — The “Pokemon Go” craze across the U.S. has people wandering into yards, driveways, cemeteries and even an off-limits police parking lot in search of cartoon monsters, prompting warnings that trespassers could get arrested or worse, especially if they cross paths with an armed property owner.

Since the release of the smartphone game last week, police have gotten a flurry of calls from residents about possible burglars or other strangers prowling the neighborhood.

When or if one of these digital zombies runs across that armed property owner (or the cops) we know who Gersh K. will blame.


Photo: onizzino/freeimages.com.

Funny. Sad. Funny but sad.