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Today is the Fourth Anniversary of my little blog. I’m proud of how far I’ve come though I have many, many improvements to make and massive growth to capture. Thank you again for all your support during these formative years.


Here’s where I am presently:

I need to do a lot of updates. This post, if published in order, will be number 547. That’s great, content wise, but I happen to have 56 more drafts in the works. That means I’m holding back more than 10% of my material. Some of those drafts will never see the light of the internet. Some are just notes for me. Some are redundant. Some are just terrible. Still I have plenty to work with and to do.

Then again, 500 posts is a lot already. If my blog was a novel it would be approximately twice the length of the Lord of the Rings.

It’s also leading into other, newer, better things for me and for you.

I’ve published two books in less than a year. One is for sale on Amazon. The other is free, here.

Please buy now.

Have this one for free!

Like the blog posts, I have a huge number of book drafts under way. I’m planning to publish several this summer.

I’m also working on a Udemy course. They’ve put me on a deadline so I should have that out by mid-July. The price range will be around $20-25; you’ll enjoy it and learn a heap.

The blog has also gotten me some positive attention and some freelance writing gigs. I’m so happy with those that I am in the process of becoming a full-time, paid writer and consultant. Much of that content will not bear my name but it will pay the bills until the books, courses, webinars, etc. take over.

In keeping with these business advancements, and for personal reasons, I am in the process of relocating to a certain income-tax free state. That project should be complete by the end of summer if all goes well. I move rather slowly but I always get there.

That’s what I have so far. I look forward to reporting this time next year on even greater successes. Thanks for all your help.