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German police revealed that the shooter from Viernheim carried fake weapons during his attack. They have not revealed his identity however. So far he’s merely being called a disturbed 19-year-old German native, being about 5 foot 5. Interesting.

Immediately following the attacks in Orlando, in Belgium, in Paris, and in Paris again … and again – in all the recent attacks, the identify, motives,movements, connections, etc. are all known and released to the public. Now, it’s been a day since this disturbed man was gunned down and we still have no word – I can’t find it anywhere – as to his identity.

There is, of course, speculation that ISIS might have been, might have been responsible. It’s just speculation at this point as ISIS has been as silent on the matter as the authorities. ISIS just renewed its call for June jihad against Europe. Maybe they don’t want to be associated with such a pathetic excuse for terrorism. Maybe this was a ploy for more gun control that didn’t work out as planned. Maybe it was a scare tactic against BREXIT that didn’t work out. Maybe it was just a case of a disturbed nut.

The silence from the police and from the media is now more interesting than the event itself.