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There was a kindly gentleman a few years ago who wanted to bring healthcare to the masses. It was his dream not no American should go without medical insurance and care. I think his name was Hussein Obama. Maybe it was Barry something. Anyway, he convinced Congress to pass a law. The law did nothing to help the uninsured or those without access to doctors. What it did do was raise taxes and health insurance rates and made a lot of money for big insurance. Ah well, it’s the lie … the thought that counts, right? People needed healthcare.

Part of healthcare usually involves seeing a doctor for some sort of treatment. Sometimes the physician prescribes medication for a patient in the course of ameliorating an ailment. This is where things get funny.

Marlon Jones, one of the millions deeply cared about by Barry Whatshisname, saw his doctor about some knee pain. Jones received a double knee replacement as a result. The surgery caused considerable discomfort for which Jones was prescribed pain medication. Fits the narrative above, eh? Now the funny part.

Jones was arrested and charged with 14 felony drug and fraud charges. One can only imagine how amused he when they were handcuffing him. Ha ha. Jones was a fire chief in Utah. His friend, the police chief, told him the arrest was to “help” him. Very nice.

The state police targeted Jones after reviewing the state’s Prescription Drug Monitor Program database. The database was created under a nefarious law in order to allow the tracking and harassment of citizens in such fashion. Prescriptions and other medical information are supposed to be protected and private material for the use of doctors, patients, and pharmacists. HIPPA was another law enacted to help keep this information private. Why have a database and why allow (warrantless) fishing expeditions into it?

This isn’t just a Utah problem. Many (most?)(all?) states have such databases. Some protect the information. Others use it as Utah does for witch hunts. The feds desperately want in on the fun.

The Department of Justice [SIC] is linking all the state databases together into a super-system. The DEA wants access so they can do what Utah does on a national scale – ruin lives in larger numbers and faster. They have a few roadblocks.

In 2012 Oregon sued the federal government arguing that the personal information in its database was protected by the Fourth Amendment and not accessible outside of a warrant. Federal Judge Ancer L. Haggerty agreed:

In his 2014 ruling against the DEA, District Court Judge Ancer L. Haggerty called warrantless searches of such data an egregious invasion of privacy.

“It is difficult to conceive of information that is… more deserving of Fourth Amendment protection,” Haggerty said. “By obtaining the prescription records for individuals like John Does 2 and 4, a person would know that they have used testosterone in particular quantities and by extension, that they have gender identity disorder and are treating it through hormone therapy.

“Although there is not an absolute right to privacy in prescription information… it is more than reasonable for patients to believe that law enforcement agencies will not have unfettered access to their records,” he added.

The case is now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. There the FDA and that man who thought everyone needed health insurance argue people have lost their rights to privacy when their information is added to the database so the Fourth Amendment protection does not apply – the adding process is not voluntary, by the way. Actually, they don’t think the Fourth Amendment (or any others pertaining to individual freedom) apply at all any more.

Congress, not wanting to be left out of the Bill of Rights desecration party, passed this March the The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act or “CARA” which will ease the sharing of database information pursuant to the DOJ’s and DEA’s plans. “CARA” is like “care” but with an “a”. The truth is these criminals do not care – not about you at any rate. They do care about expanding their police state powers. You should care. You should be alarmed.

Given this flurry of idiotic laws flying around concerning mandatory healthcare and database sharing and reporting, maybe one is better off forgoing any and all medical treatment. Jones surely could have lived a long (if painful) life with his old knees. Then again, they could just pass another law forcing people to have medical procedures. The Doctors And Medication Nationalization Act or “DAMN”? The doctors could just operate right in the prisons to make things logistically feasible.

The problem isn’t limited to medicine either. Heck, it’s everywhere the government touches – which is everywhere. The new FDA regulations developed illegally under the federal Family Tobacco Demonization Act may have similar implications for cigar smokers in the near future. Buy a box of Padrons and you’ll trigger the database police. A 10-year felony for cigar fraud. America, post America.


The solution is to get rid of these damned laws and their attendant regulations. Get rid of the agencies that enforce them. Get rid of the War on Drugs, the War on Freedom. Leave us alone. The government, if it must exist at all, should be a tiny little office in the D.C. swamp where the workers are terrified an angry mob of citizens might be at the door at any hour.

Until then maybe one should avoid seeking medications and medical care. You better not get sick, better not get hurt.