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This has nothing to do with Eagles’ fans tonight and tomorrow morning.

Rather it’s of the coming crackdown on illicit drug users – and, by that, I mean you.

Your days of getting high off anti-diarrhea medicines are over.

People have been taking Imodium A-D, also known as loperamide, to maintain their addictions or self-treat withdrawal symptoms, the Food and Drug Administration said. The drug can induce a high that is comparable to heroin, morphine or oxycodone, and it’s a cheaper alternative. Consumers can buy 400 generic pills for just $10.

While the recommended dose is 8 milligrams a day for over-the-counter use and 16 milligrams a day for prescription use, drug addicts are taking 50-300 capsules each day, according to a 2016 study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine journal.

“We continue to receive reports of serious heart problems and deaths with much higher than the recommended doses of loperamide,” the FDA said, “primarily among people who are intentionally misusing or abusing the product, despite the addition of a warning to the medicine label and a previous communication.”

Forget the heart. What does 300 pills do to the intestines? I would ask, “who could do this?” but we have people eating Tide pods… The lowest common denominator strikes again!

Anyway, look forward to major regulation soon, of life and movements. Imodium will join good cold medicine behind the counter, with limits, registries, fines, higher prices, explanations, guilt trips, “safe” alternatives that don’t work, and maybe a few “accidents.”

You’d better stock up not. That, or you better not get sick.