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I’ve been predictably slow in unraveling the case of those mystery cigars. The natural wrapper was pretty darn good – a little mild for me but very enjoyable. I’ll round that out later. The maduro needs more analysis. Right now, based on taste and draw, I’d say it was so-so. I’m due to try it again soon. Three things did jump out at me: the burn was perfect – perfect, no meandering at all; the construction, if a bit tight, was very good, and; the ash was a pure, chalky white color and of … extreme density. Based on all that I suspect the stick might have still been curing. A little time will tell. Time will also allow me to properly research the makers. Stay tuned for that.


Natural mystery stick.

Now, as with the cigar mystery, I am always working on projects here. I tentatively announce to you I am working on a super project, one involving great changes to the blog, my publications and works, and with me – all for the better. This will be a very exciting summer. My timeframe is August-ish. More to come soon.

Good night to all!