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The Donald sat down for an in depth interview with Bob Woodward. I have a great deal of respect for these two men. Trump is Trump and, increasingly, the only mainstream, one party system candidate who makes any sense. He almost makes the idea of voting plausible. Woodward is a legend in his own time. He turned aside from a possible CIA career because the application process was too long. He certainly has the knack for sleuthing.

Here’s what the two hashed out on Trump’s plans:

The headliner is Trump fears a massive recession is about to hit and hard. I think it has begun. We’re overdue and the circumstances are right. In fact, this could be something we haven’t seen since the 1930s. Taking into account world conditions and where we are in Plato’s cycle it could be more of a 490s situation.

Trump says he will cut taxes immediately (never a bad idea) and eliminate the entire (on books) federal debt within two terms.

He wants to renegotiate treaties and trade deals to end America’s dual roll of World policeman and whipping boy. We can’t afford either anymore.

He wants high level staff to refrain from writing memiors while his administration is ongoing. By the way, I smell another Woodward bestseller.

He talked about potential judiciary appointments. He says he’s listening to the Federalist Society on that front. There are many decent FS people. I would know as a past two term chapter president myself. But, in that role, I witnessed the inner operations of the Society and Washington. I concluded this network is beyond repair – terminally evil.

After discussing family and useless political nonsense Trump returned to the massive financial bubble, under the economy like a supervolcano. Trump says he can fix the problem through shrewd negotiation and restructuring. The man is an expert there.

On the international front Trump oddly taks about disengagement (good) while simultaneously decrying the depleted American military (a tired, tired Republican topic). He thinks he will work well with Putin, China and other foreign powers. I can see that.

Trump’s potential problems are three: Congress (all that renegotiation and cutting must pass through them); the Federal Reserve (they exist to promote a new dark age) and; the American people (see below). Washington runs on debt, death and destruction. It will suffer no man, not even Trump, interfering with the party. I think at best Trump will delay or mitigate the consequences a bit while giving part of the country reason to chant and cheer. In plain terms he may be able to make the ending somewhat enjoyable.

The end of the America we knew has come. This is not the country I grew up in (I’m not THAT old either). One sees the signs everywhere, everyday. For example, I am a huge Masters fan. This year’s tournament looks to be awesome. As with anything I see the good and the bad. Yesterday, Saturday, I saw a custom BMW I8, a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini all on Washington Road. That’s a good sign. It means there is prosperity and high socity still left. However, this morning while sipping coffee and researching this article, I saw a squadron of Apache gunships patrolling over west Augusta. 

The helicopters are not in training. Like the sports cars they are here for a reason, an unpleasant reason. The military has been guarding (silently) the tournament for a few years now. I’m glad they’re here but it’s a shame they have to be. It’s a telltale sign of how bad things are.

If you join us this week you will notice a thousand or so police officers. For the most part they direct traffic, keep things moving and guard celebrities. The military is here in case ISIS shows up.

How the hell did we come to this? There is a web of dozens of reasons. I’ll cut straight to the primary one – us. The people, maybe a majority of them, have descended into a pitiful state of savagery, obesity, sloth and stupidity. It’s 496 not 1929. Those four traits run together but the (willful) stupidity is the driving force.



Last week Michael Snyder took a no holds barred look at how incredibly dumbed down our nation is.

He reports: “After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.” Those are college students, the supposedly educated. 

Americans spend on average ten hours per day starring at some sort of screen – at least half of that is television. Some people literally spend all their waking hours with their minds abdicated to programed garbage. These people are alive but they do not live.

It is not because of a lack of input that we have become so stupid as a society. The big problem is what we are putting into our minds.

If we continue to put garbage in, we are going to continue to get garbage out, and that is the cold, hard reality of the matter.”

Sad but true. If we really want America to be great again, we must ourselves become great again. That starts with living life in the real world. It can be difficult but it why we are here. We must rise to the challenge before time runs out. Tick, tick, tick.

Vote if you care – for Trump or anyone else. The circumstances are up to you.