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I hope you didn’t fall for too many corny jokes yesterday. I stayed in bed to avoid any confusion. Now, April 2nd, provides a great opportunity to examine several examples of the modern fooling of the masses.

Watch or click CNBC and you’d think America was in the throws of a bull market. Things are better than good, right? Numbers may be isolated and manipulated in order to create illusions. Taken in pari materia they forcast the return of stagflation. What’s next? Disco?

The Republicans and Democrats are moving heaven and earth to convince you your vote counts. It doesn’t. Elections are and always have been rigged. In the past the irregularities were ametuer, brutish. Remember, if you will, the spectacle of Bush v. Gore, which definitively showed American elections to be flim flam writ large. Today the manipulation is a science.

Before he went to prison Andrés Sepúlveda made a living Rigging South American elections. He’s an expert. He says there’s a 100% chance the U.S. presidential election is fixed. He’s just talking about information. Who knows what the Diebold ballot computers can do. Vote if you like. 

As I mentioned a few days ago most Western media outlets are propaganda agents of the CIA and other government entities. The “news” is a tool to drive public opinion in favor of various state schemes. It also rewrites and obscures history. Remember the Liberty? Probably not.

Reality television has spawned reality reality, a strange world of scripted and idiotic conformity. Anyone out of sync with the blind herd is a threat to be eliminated. Nowhere is this clearer than at our universities. Once bastions of learning and markets for the exchange of ideas, the schools are now mere temples of indoctrination. Professors promoting or defending academic honesty are ridiculed and disciplined. Welcome to wonderland.

The good news is, starting tomorrow, for one week the forces of decent civilization congregate in one place – Augusta.


They appeared earlier this week. Augusta Chronicle.

Prepare yourselves for a short suspension of modern madness. Relax, catch your breath, have a pimento cheese sandwich.