Hold the green beer! In the interest of political correctness shouldn’t we just call it “Patrick’s Day”? “Saint” is synonymous with Catholicism. That means Christian. Christianity is blasphemy to both the Sharia (our seeming current policy objective) and the Noahide (our actual codified law…seriously). Eh? I didn’t think so.


SAINT Patrick. Google.

Saint Patrick was born a Roman citizen in Britain. At age 16 he was kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland. He suffered his bondage for six years before escaping back to his home. Later, as a priest and a bishop, he returned to Ireland as a missionary of the Church. This in itself is a miracle I think. How many men would return to the land of their forced servitude in order to save perhaps the very same people who had oppressed them? 

Saint Patrick’s story may be exactly what we need to remember in our insane politically wrong times. Tolerate the Fiqh and the Sanhedrin but keep an eye on them (through a reticle if necessary). The green beer will surely make the tolerance more tolerable.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day!