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I was in a cigar shop. It was Top Shelf Cigars of Augusta, Georgia. I made my way around the humidor. Fate turned my gaze to the Dominican section in the back. There I happened upon a happy little box – the Avo Classic No. 2. Memories flooded my mind.

As I wrote in The Happy Little Cigar Book the Avo No. 2 was the first premium Cigar I ever purchased. That first encounter was almost eleven years ago. Times and my tastes have changed. Having gone a good while without an Avo I decided to light one up.


Perrin Lovett.

Back then I smoked after a steak dinner. Now I proceeded having just come off the road. The experience was much the same. A few years older and a few pounds lighter I still thoroughly enjoyed this stick.


Gettin going. Perrin Lovett.

Avo Uvezian is a famed pianist and composer. On a junket to Switzerland in 1983 he had the brilliant idea to craft his own cigar blend. He teamed with Hendrik Kelner from Davidoff. The rest is history.

Gentlemen’s Gazzett notes the Avo Classic “remains a perfect reflection the cigar maker’s credo.” The Cigar Inspector gives it a 4.5 star rating. I agree. This is certainly not my usual fare. I, being now experienced in what I really enjoy, go for fully bodied and, dare I admit, dirtier cigars – the stuff of black Nicaraguan dirt. However, I found the No. 2 as intriguing today as I did in 2005.

The burn and draw are flawless. Once I had it going I did not once have to touch up. My toro natural was as well composed as any work of Uvezian. The smoke is super smooth like a really good Cuban. The taste is a bit milder perhaps – almost “creamy” whatever that denotes. There is nothing milky about it. I equate this to light and smooth. It is a very easy smoke. Any novice can handle it with ease and without fear. I have recommended this more than once as a first cigar. Veterans will relish the simplicity as well.

Along the way a few sublte notes of pepper and other tastes evolved. None were substantial enough to warrant a label of “spicy” however. Their coming and going mingled perfectly with the overall character of the smoke.

I had no steak or other sustenance beyond a brown ale. Oddly enough I pared this very mild cigar with a Maduro Brown Ale from Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL). The haphazard blend came off perfectly.

Perfect is how I can best describe the No. 2. It is a perfect companion for a thoughtful evening of reflection, an overdue private conversation, or any moment of relaxation. And, as a bonus, it won’t leave you with “horse breath” as the tobacconist put it over a decade ago.


Smooth unto the end. Perrin Lovett.

From a master composer and a master blender comes a master’s smoke. Enjoy an Avo Classic at your local smoke shop soon – for old times sake or for a smooth balanced delight.