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I haven’t wasted any of my time watching the Presidential debates this year. After each one, usually the next day, I catch snipetts of the various lies told. It all seems scripted, routine and disingenuous to me. They all talk about themselves, each other, more wars we won’t win, and how the government can help us.

One thing no politician since Ron Paul has mentioned is the dreadful state of the economy and how the government helped it get that way.

A few months ago, against conventional wisdom, I said we were moving into a recession. Now people are starting to agree with me. Analysts, pundits, economists, bankers, even Janet Yellen are now muttering the “R” word. Week by week the chatter intensifies. Week by week the measure of everything, except gold, falls. I’m sure at least one rodent candidate must have said something but none of them can say anything substantial.

They can’t and they won’t because they do not understand what is happening and because they are part of the problem (they and their corporate masters).

All economies move in cycles, expansions and contractions. In a free market, absent central banking and government interference, corrections (recessions and depressions) fix themselves in rapid fashion. Only central planning can slow or intensify bad times. In the early 1920s America experienced a severe depression; it lasted a year, yielding to “roaring” good times. Another depression struck in 1929. This time, aided by the unholy alliance of the Federal Reserve and the Federal government, the bad times lasted about 15 years.

Back then there was an economy to recover. Today America is a hollow shell of debt, entitlements, and gambling. The Alliance played its perhaps final, ultimate hand in masking the 2008 financial crisis and recession. Nothing was actually fixed. In fact things are worse now than they were then. Day by day the unraveling becomes more tangible. We’re about to enter uncharted territory that the experts say could destroy the economy (the same experts that helped get us here). A recession may be the best, mildest outcome. What comes after recession? Depression? Total collapse? A dark age?

Still the lying election rats say nothing. In there defense there isn’t much to say. Or do. It would be best to allow whatever scenario is coming just play out. Then we could rebuild. However, something tells me the charletons will try to make things just a little worse if they can.

Have fun watching the next debate.