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Way down here in Dixie it snowed a few weeks ago. It was a lovely, brief powder dusting that lasted half a day; I wrote about it. Then, the next week, we were back in the 70s.

I declared winter was over. After all this is the South and it felt like spring.

Yesterday it snowed again. What do I know?

Similarly predictions and declarations are flying around the 2016 Presidential election both from Democrats and from Republicans. Not from the candidates themselves, per se. They just keep on lying, podium pounding, and reciting lines provided by their handlers. America does not run on Dunkin; America runs on BS.

Some of the lesser hopefuls are dropping out – Paul, Christy, Fiorina, et al. That happens as the bankers narrow their choices. The pundits say the people make the choices. They say a lot of things. From the left and from the right come predictions of triumph, doom, concession, etc.

Right now the hubbub surrounds Trump and Sanders based on events in New Hampshire. That is subject to change as we move deeper into the year. None of it matters. For arguments sake let’s suppose the election comes down to the wild-haired Business Tycoon and the wild-haired National Socialist. What’s the difference? What’s the big deal? Haven’t we seen this all before?

In 2000 the people and the Supreme Court decided (with the bankers’ blessings) a tough talking businessman was needed to save us from the deprivations of his predecessor. Whereas the predecessor expanded the scope of government, doubled the debt, and bombed foreign places where America has no interests, the cowboy businessman further expanded the government, doubled the debt, and bombed foreign places where America has no interests. Oddly, the names and same families from yesteryear are again front and center in this year’s election. The bankers are not very imaginative. That, or the country has degenerated to the point that this is all we’re left with. Could be both.

In 2008, amidst pomp about hope, change, diversity, and other BS, a limp-wristed, suedo-intellectual socialist was chosen to save us from the malpractice of the cowboy. He’s not quite finished with his second term but the results are in: he has expanded the government, doubled the debt, and slings bombs all around the globe. Notice a pattern?

It does not matter who the next chosen “leader” is. The Donald, Bernie, Hillary, or Foamio will give us more of the same. I know the television and tattoos crowd is all bent on the DNC/GOP thing but history shows these to be nothing more than superficial labels.

The only kind of man who could possibly make a difference is someone who would come from the Libertarians, the Independents, or the pages of a novel. That man (he would necessarily have to be a man) would fight the bankers, shrink the government, cut the debt, and stop the wars. That would fly in the face of everything the Satanic interests hold dear – it will not be allowed. Such men are not popular with the afficinados of fantasy football and cheap beer. See Ron Paul’s experience for proof.

In a way these predictions are not so off base. Spring always follows winter so I will be proven accurate in the end. Some fool of a criminal always creeps into the Whitehouse so the pundits’ political predictions are kind of accurate too.

Let me make a political prediction. The next con artist President will expand the war, double the government, and bomb the debt. Something like that. What do I know?