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I was born, ages ago, in the great state of Mississippi, then part of the Union known as the United States of America. Things were different then and there. It may be forgetfulness or romanticism but, I swear, it was better. Now I truly appreciate what Meatloaf was saying: “It was long ago and it was far away and it was so much better than it is today.”

In a sense things are not all that bad these days. The sun shines, women are pretty, and life goes on. In another sense things, especially things political, have gotten so bad as to be downright comical. If laughter is the best medicine, we are in great shape. But the humor is dark and the joke is on us. Daily we are presented with situations to sober the mad hatter. A recent paradoxical example:

Last week government troops violently and lethally put down a political protest in Oregon. A small peaceful group had gathered at a vacant federal facility to denounce and expose government corruption. Things like that happen in a free society. Some protests are more welcome than others. This particular protest was doomed from its beginning. The protestors were mostly white men, Christians or pseudo-Christians and all carrying firearms. Their very nature exemplified the three cardinal sins of statism. Their actions amouted to herasy.

The media described these sinners as a “militia.” The priests in D.C. and the sycophantic chior declared them terrorists. As terrorists they were dealt with.

LaVoy Finicum, nominal leader of the “militia” was shot dead even as he tried to surrender. A video of the execution is available. Ammon Bundy and six members of his “clan” were arrested immediately thereafter. Will Grigg offers a sane account of the incident. According to witnesses, just like Han Solo, the government shot first. Kind of like, exactly like, Waco and Ruby Ridge. Lesson: the government suffers no critics; these kind of terrorists are not tolerated.

Meanwhile, during the same week, President Obama planned a visit to a Baltimore mosque. Obama’s father was a Muslim. His brother is a Muslim. He’s slipped up before and claimed to be a Muslim. Quacks like a duck and all. Normally a Muslim going to a mosque isn’t news. It’s to be expected. Except this particular Muslim supposedly takes a hard line against terrorism and this particular mosque is a hotbed of terrorism. Then again, all terrorists are not equal.

One B. Soetoro explained, concerning the upcoming visit: “By the mercy of Allah, the merciful, no mercy shall be shown the infidels. The [American people] shall convert or die. We will kill their men, rape their women, rape their children, and rape their goats. Allah Akbar!”

The Islamic Society of Baltimore is run by and a part of the Islamic Society of North America which is closely connected to known terrorism plots. Several of these plots have resulted in the deaths of American citizens.

“Terrorists” who oppose the Satanically corrupt government are killed or jailed. Terrorists who kill American people are graced by the President. Right is wrong and wrong is right. This madness was inconceivable in Starkville around 1980 but ordinary these days.


Presidential salah. The smoker you vote…

The cult of modern government is synonymous with terrorism. Support one and you aid the other. Both hate you. Remember this the next time some smarmy bastard weasal of a politician asks for your vote, all ye infidels and militiamen.