I had forgotten about Gérard Depardieu, star of Les Fugitifs and Cyrano de Bergerac and countless other films. I don’t get out much and macho men not sporting dozens of tattoos are not presently in vogue. Then tonight I ran across this article.

Depardieu is in a Cvstos watch ad holding a rifle and gloating over a dead deer. He credits his watch with the kill.



The ad is (probably) staged. The lines are almost cheesy. I’m not in the market for a $14,000 watch. But damn! I’m impressed. A manly man actor has played a masculine role, sure to knot the panties of the politically correct, and he ain’t apologized! Knowing Depardieu he won’t apologize. Laugh maybe. Throw a punch maybe. Pander to wimps? Never.

This man is a rebel. He told France to shove their 75% income tax and moved to Belgium. Now he’s a Russian citizen and friends with Putin. Think of Putin what you may but he is a tough guy. Eye of the tiger. Doesn’t back down. Doesn’t give a damn what the limp-wristed hand-wringers think … I mean feel. Feel.


Yeah. It’s like that. Google.

In a time when America’s President panders to terrorists and caters to Nazi hacks and hags, I find Depardieu’s masculine watch ad refreshing. Maybe it’s a symbol of larger changes for the better.

Wimps and communist illuminati types have been doing their best to annihilate Europe. Their pet “refugees” are having a field day collecting welfare, raping women, and blowing up theaters. The natives have had it. They’re in the streets fighting back. Deportations are underway. Governments are about to radically change. All refreshing.

Thanks, Gérard. It’s about time.