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Remember when flying was fun? Neither do I, unless it was far away in the excitement of childhood. Since 9/11 I have flown commercial as little as possible and not once in the past 5 years.

I’m not worried about “terrorists.” I worry about the government. All of the new security theater makes me feel quite unsafe. It’s a personal thing and it goes beyond my general disdain for a system that treats citizens like criminals and criminals like heroes.

Short trip? I drive. Long trip? I drive. Boston isn’t that far away. One thousand miles can be done in a day or so and, as a bonus, when I arrive I don’t have to rent a car!

Where was I? Tragedy, yes. Hundreds are dead following the crash of a Russian airliner in the Sinai. The sh!threads at ISIS have claimed responsibility. Terrorists and politicians always claim responsibility, true or no. The facts are few, the speculation wild.

Assuming the crash was actually terror related, our true friends at the TSSA have pondered even more acts in their play pretend airport screening processes.

None of this will bother me as I cruise the mountains on I-81, good coffee, gun and cigar all at the ready. It does weigh on my libertine sensibility and common sense. And, I feel for the flying public, complacent as most may be. I also felt bad for the little pigs in the straw and twig houses.

The Fatherland Security crowd is touting new measures both “seen and unseen.” You will see the burly agent molest the pretty college girl at the metal detector. You won’t see his friends rummage through your bags in search of pawn-worthy merchandise.

A DHS official, who asked not to be identified because he’s not authorized to expand on the secretary’s statement, said the new measures would be phased in as quickly as possible.

“This is all within TSA’s capabilities, within their power, within their authorities and resources,” the official said.

“Obviously we could dial it all the way up and say you can’t bring anything at all in your carry-on, but that’s not workable, and it’s going to make everyone very angry,” the official said.

Not everyone would be angry. Sheep never seem angry. I wouldn’t be the least bit miffed, at the rest area outside of Jacksonville. As for the flyers, why not have them all travel bagless and nude? This would certainly reduce the likelihood of a bomb being brought onboard and it would make the co-eds much more accessible for groping.

19475_TSA_Frisks_Little_TerroristFight’n Tha Tarh-ists. Google.

Here’s the rub. This rank speculation centers on an incident involving a Russian, not American, plane in the Middle East, not the Midwest. It’s, for alarmist sake, being presupposed the work of ISIS. No real facts yet, if you recall. But, let us assume, for a moment, it’s all truth.

The facts about ISIS are known. That club was founded, funded, trained and supported by the CIA and other American alphabet outfits – all with your taxes. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan having fizzled and the Banksters and the MIC needing new profits, ISIS was developed in order to stir the pots in places like Syria and Libya.

So, bases on our assumption, the TSSA is plotting more restrictions on you based on something done by the CIA. Tell me again of the wonders of government. This is a page straight out of Hitler’s playbook: a series of false flag operations to start wars and simultaneously subdue the home folk. It’s a proven plan.

My plan also works. The TSSA has yet, YET, to interrupt my weekend road trip to Winston-Salem. If and when they do, I advise them to bring ISIS along for support. They’ll need it.

On a completely unrelated note: this posting was field both by my demented imagination and failing intellect and by coffee and a Gurkha Reserve 6×60. What a great smoke! Smooth, strong and well constructed. The cigar set will appreciate my fortitude in this undertaking pre breakfast.