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Down along the left-hand side of this article and all others on my site a reader will find a list of words. Seventy-five words to be exact. These are the most popular descriptive terms or “tags” found here at the blog. I recently increased the number from 50.

You, dear reader, may have noticed some of those terms are larger, others smaller. The larger the word the more times it has appeared in my writing here. Should you click on one, all the columns featuring that term will pop up. No, these terms do not appear on the simplified mobile version of perrinlovett.me. If you’re on your phone just scroll to the very bottom of this page and click on the regular web tab.

Of the larger search terms one of the biggest is “The People.” I mention these mysterious folk on a very regular basis, especially in my legal and political works (the majority). Who, exactly, are “the people?”

Well, when I put them in a column I usually have two meanings. One is prominent, primary. The other is a bit more subtle and deployed less frequently.

The first and most common usage refers to you, my readers. You and like-minded people everywhere. This site is admittedly Amerocentric. “America” is another of the largest words on my list. I happen to live amidst the ruins of the Old Republic. Many or most of my stories concern the U.S. though “The West” is also a frequent topic. I am concerned with that heritage descended of the Romans, the Greeks and the English.

I also often conjoin “people” with “free.” These are people who live in an idyllic world of liberty, the kind still romanticized by American conservatives. Others live in otherwise unfree settings but personally choose to live free. Sometimes we call ourselves anarchists. Believe it or not, this lifestyle is easier than one would imagine.

All you have to do is live in peace, largely ignore popular culture, and beware of the authorities when necessary. Sometimes playing along and humoring the stupidity of the state goes a long way. It can also be a fun game.

I digress.

The free people live in harmony with others or at least try to. They work and mind their own business. They are folks you would want as neighbors. However, they are generally the most aggrieved victims of government aggression. They are expected to shut up, pay the taxes, obey the rules, and pull the load for society.

Great is my sympathy for free people wherever they may be. Without them the horror stories I explore here would be all too appropriate. Without them my regular references to Natural Law would have no context. They live the ideals of Western Civilization. Sometimes they stumble but they are on the right path.

The other group I sometimes delve into are of an opposite disposition. Lacking most individuality and fortitude, they go along with the herd, right or wrong. Whereas the former crowd is concerned with truth and the eternal, the latter is obsessed with the here, the now, and the easy.

Paul Craig Roberts once referred to these folks, domestically, as “the shit stupid American people.” A bit cruel perhaps but generally accurate.

They are the majority – always accepting and seeking out fair masters. The free and independent minded are a small sect indeed.

For these miserable many I express scorn or weary tolerance rather than empathic support. You can always tell the difference. I use descriptive words like “masses,” “zombies,” “fools,” “sheep” and so forth. Like Roberts’s, my labels fit if uncomfortably.

I truly bear them no ill will unless or until their pitiful, unthinking indifference affects me and mine. It is my desire, in addition to informing and entertaining you, to wake these sloths from their collectivist sleep. I wish them happy freedom.

For most freedom is a frightening idea. Along with the loss of annoying management comes the loss of perceived security. Said security is always false. But, it is, apparently, very difficult to shake off.

So, there you have it. If you have made it to this end of the article you likely belong among the true and the free. If, by odd chance you are, ashamedly, of the other variety, then join us! It is really better over here.


W. Wallace understood the difference. Google.