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Warning: the subject matter de jure is downright sickening.  The other day I stated that I really hate politicians.  If you’ve ever met or smelled one, then you understand.

News came last week of the indictment of yet another filthy, criminal pol.  It was spun in rather drab fashion I think.  People are so used to this sort of thing it’s not really news anymore. Yet, and still, the people clamor for their “representatives” whenever an election comes to town.  That’s proven point number one – the public is composed of voting idiots.

Dennis “Denny” Hastert was a Republican Congress-criter from Illinois. He served as the 59th Speaker of the House from 1999 until 2007. This coincided, largely, with the reign of Jorge Bush, the Dimmer.

You may recall how Hastert helped Bush double the national debt while creating new cabinet agencies and several undeclared wars – conservative stuff.  Proven point number two – politicians of any party and their governments are a band of criminals and the scourge of civilization.  Denny’s House Whip (the following story lends new and lurid speculation as to this term) was Tom DeLay. DeLay narrowly avoided a felony conviction and prison for election violations in Texas.  Hastert now faces felony charges of his own from the federal government.

Remember my piece on “Structuring?”  No?  Read it again for good measure.

Cash transactions in excess of $10,000 are automatically flagged by banks and referred to the FBI for investigation. No crime needs be committed.  Just withdrawing your own money for any reason is suspicious enough for the ever-nosey feds to examine.  One would think they’d be busy fighting terrorists or child rapists or something.

Anyway, it is also illegal to split cash deposits or withdrawals into smaller increments so as to evade the reporting process. It seems criminal intent is in the Eye of Sauron of the government beholder.  Consult the U.S. Code – 31 U.S.C. 5324 – for specifics on this idiotic law.

Dear Denny has been charged with structuring his cash withdrawals.  Some time ago he began to withdraw $50,000 at a time from his bank accounts.  Five times the “legal” limit, these transactions were automatically flagged.  The bank or the cops must have informed Denny because he began to make withdrawals (lots of them) at just under the $10,000 limit.  Denny withdrew several million dollars in such fashion.

These lesser withdrawals were noted by the bank.  Concerned Denny was being blackmailed or something, the bank reported the new, lower withdrawals to the Empire. While any cash transaction over $10,000 must be automatically reported any amount the bank deems suspicious can be reported on a “STR” or suspicious transactions report.

Let’s be clear for a second.  Your money is your money.  You have the right to do whatever you want with it and in any amount or combinations of amounts.  It is your damned property.  Or you should have the right.  The government and “your” bank are infringing your rights.  Thus, poor Denny is a victim of this Draconian, illegitimate law. Point number three – federal banking laws exist to control and hurt people.

Denny is also charged with lying to federal officials.  This proves another point of mine – do not talk to any officers or agents of any police force – ever.  If you’re not talking, you’re not lying.  Point four – do not talk to the cops.

It turns out Denny had a rather pressing reason to move his funds around as he did. Before Denny descended into the cesspool of Washington he was a fat teacher and wrestling coach at a high school in a small Illinois town.  Either from a deranged mind or a strategic training regimen for his future political career Denny began to sexually molest one (or more) of his underage male charges.

I have not researched the specifics of these allegations and I do not plan to.  I will assume they were lecherous, debased acts of the Jerry Sandusky variety.  It is technically possible Denny is innocent in this matter (the sex matter).  It is also technically possible a black hole will materialize overnight and swallow the sun, thus bringing a tomorrow without dawn.  The odds of both are roughly equal though weighted in favor of the astronomical anomaly.  Denny obtained the cash in order to pay off his would be accuser(s).  Child molestation or rape charges don’t help a grafting political career and may cause inconvenient jail time.

I imagine these boys (or boy) were younger and smaller than most.  Predators seek out the weaker members of the herd for attack.  In any event they were young men, children, in need of molding and guidance.  Instead, they suffered physical trauma and psychological damage no-one, especially a child, should ever experience.

Men (and women) who molest children should be disposed of in the most brutal manner conceivable.  Hastert, Sandusky, Michael Jackson, that lowlife down the block – not one of them contributes to society and each is a unacceptible danger.  Hang them from the highest trees.  This is point five:  “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6 (KJV)(mind you, Jesus says this tortuous execution would be better than what awaits the degenerate in Hell).

deeny the queer

(Cash, rape and politics.  Ready the millstone.  Chicago Tribune.)

One would think the government would be more interested in prosecuting child rape than imagined financial irregularities.  One would be wrong in America.  Jesse Ventura once noted the excellent point that people under the age of 21 are treated as children in America, forbidden to drink alcohol by the government.  The same government sends people under 21 off to war to die in jungles and deserts.  Thus, the U.S. government sends children to war.  This is a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

Sad, but true, in America the government cares more amount money and systemic process than about protecting innocent children.  Given enough time to metastasize all governments eventually behave with such disregard for morality.  This brings up point number six – government is utterly useless and extraordinarily dangerous. Tell that to the Diebold voting machine next time you are asked to sanction the system.