My thoughts on Dirty Denny eleven months ago.


Warning: the subject matter de jure is downright sickening.  The other day I stated that I really hate politicians.  If you’ve ever met or smelled one, then you understand.

News came last week of the indictment of yet another filthy, criminal pol.  It was spun in rather drab fashion I think.  People are so used to this sort of thing it’s not really news anymore. Yet, and still, the people clamor for their “representatives” whenever an election comes to town.  That’s proven point number one – the public is composed of voting idiots.

Dennis “Denny” Hastert was a Republican Congress-criter from Illinois. He served as the 59th Speaker of the House from 1999 until 2007. This coincided, largely, with the reign of Jorge Bush, the Dimmer.

You may recall how Hastert helped Bush double the national debt while creating new cabinet agencies and several undeclared wars – conservative stuff…

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