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1983’s Burning Down the House by Talking Heads was a bizarre, new-wavy love song of sorts; the pseudo cultural ramblings of an odd man for some 80’s woman.  Maybe a woman like Caitlyn Jenner – hey, it’s America.

Early yesterday morning the newly built luxury home of a hundred or more elderly people in suburban (Augusta) Georgia burned down. Ninety-one year old Dorothy Carpenter died in the fire.


(Augusta Chronicle.)

The damage is as bad as one would expect from the Chronicle’s photograph.



The Fire Department did a fantastic job and saves dozens of lives.  An 82-year-old woman was pulled alive and in relatively good shape from the rubble seven hours later. Miracles do happen today, praise God.

County, State and BATFE officials have just began their investigation.  At a preliminary news conference the Fire Chief stated the fire started big and spread fast.  Thus, the massive damage to the structure.  I have no idea what started the conflagration but two theories stand out – arson or a mechanical/electrical failure.

County officials were quick to point out the building was designed to code and that a certificate of occupancy was issued prior to the recent opening.  The resort has only been in business a few months.

I suspect the structure was not up to code or either the code is grossly inadequate.  I will leave further discussion until after the investigation.  I will say this: my gym is next door and I watched the place go up.  Like so many modern buildings, it was built seemingly overnight.  It was like the Two Lazy Pigs Construction Company threw it up of twigs and straw – both flammable.

I understand places like this charge an arm and a leg in way of rent for the convenience, etc. offered by the home.  This incident may cause some to think twice about placing a loved one in such abode rather than allowing them to live with their family.

The loss of life and memories is regrettable.  The fact this wasn’t much worse is amazing.