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It’s not my normal realm of study but I feel like I should say something about the riots and chaos currently erupting in Baltimore.

The situation in Maryland, evolving night by night, highlights two problems plaguing all of post-modern Amerika.  One is the trouble of the militarization of our police forces. The Baltimore police appear to have murdered a man (and I have limited facts to based this assessment on).  However, this happens all across the country on a daily basis.  It’s part of the War on Freedom.

Naturally, such crimes upset the populace.  They become restless.  Bereft of a government and society that gives a damn, they take to the streets to protest openly in the only way they can.

Add in a few professional agitators and militants and you have the violence and destruction you see on the nightly news.  This spectacle illustrates another problem with our society: that some cannot or will not conduct themselves according to the norms of civilization.  One would think they had recently emerged from a cave with an angry conscience and arms conditioned for throwing bricks and bottles.

Caught in the midst of these idiotic forces are the rest of us.  Cars and buildings are burned.  Lives ruined. Peace disrupted.  I have few answers for these evils.

Apparently I am not alone.  The best the stupid mayor of Baltimore can come up with is a strategy of giving the lawless “space to destroy.”  I suggest the affected property owners and insurance companies add this woman to their list of plaintiffs in their respective civil tort suits.  Remember, when you head to the polls come the next election, that this is the best our beloved Democrats and Republicans can do.

The press in Briton, often much more able to report on American issues than the American puppet press, notes that as the city burned, shopkeepers called on the police (who started this war in the first place) to help them and save them from the afore-mentioned cave dwellers.  These pleas for help were completely ignored.

The real purpose of the police is to enforce state power.  The reason given to the gullible public is to “serve and protect.”  When the Sh*t hits the fan, they do neither.  They retreat into phalanxs to protect their own and nothing more.  You, the innocent, are on your own.

As such, you need to arm yourselves.  During the 1990’s era riots in Los Angles some store owners gave up on the police and protected themselves the old fashioned way – with shotguns and rifles.  This approach worked perfectly.  Those from the caves do not wish to be riddled with bullets and, thus, leave the well armed alone.  Another benefit of the Second Amendment.

Rather than rely on moronic politicians and their corrupt police forces, instead put your faith in yourselves and people like Baltimore’s Mother of the Year.  Better yet, be like her and directly put an end to whatever of this madness you encounter.  Direct intervention is the only way to preserve freedom.


(Fight the power, if you must, but don’t mess with Mama.  Google.)