“…No Other Gods…” – Collapse Exhibit No. 7,613,278


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The other day, an acquaintance, taken with the Azov-Nazi Regime, asked me whether I stood with the Russians or the Ukrainians. I replied that I stood with the Christians, which, of course, means the Russians (not that it doesn’t mean most Ukrainians as well). That increasingly DOES NOT mean Americans or US residents or citizens. The darkness grows in the former US of A.

In a profession long dominated in the U.S. by Christian clergy, Buddhists are leading an ever more diverse field that includes Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan and even secular humanist chaplains. Buddhist chaplains say they’re uniquely positioned for the times due to their ability to appeal to a broad cultural and religious spectrum, including the growing number of Americans — roughly one-third — who identify as nonreligious.

If one is dying in a low-rent hospital and requests a Priest, I suppose it is better for a kindly pagan woman to appear rather than a witch doctor or a robed, knife-wielding satanic sorcerer. Then again, the next AP piece will probably be on how great those two alternatives are and how we have always been a Judeo luciferi-Christian nation. Or, they may just say “luciferian nation.” One doomed country, under evil, with “dignity and respect” for all…

This Might Be Science To Trust


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17,000 good medical professionals attempt to retake the profession.

17,000 physicians and medical scientists declare that the state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.

We, the physicians and medical scientists of the world, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath, recognize that the disastrous COVID-19 public health policies imposed on doctors and our patients are the culmination of a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions, along with the financial trusts which control them. They have infiltrated our medical system at every level, and are protected and supported by a parallel alliance of big tech, media, academics and government agencies who profited from this orchestrated catastrophe.

May justice be done, though the “science” falls.

COLUMN: Any Way Boys Can Die, Girls Can Die Faster


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COLUMN: Any Way Boys Can Die, Girls Can Die Faster


Remember these names:

Andy Biggs

Dan Bishop

Warren Davidson

Matt Gaetz

Paul Gosar

Marjorie Greene

Thomas Massie

Ralph Norman

Scott Perry

Thomas Tiffany

Those ten men and women are the only members of the House of Reprobates, 117th Kongress, who voted against war with Russia. Three others abstained from voting for whatever reasons. All thirteen happen to be Republicans, but let’s not get too excited over that fact. The Senate took a convenient unrecorded vote, which passed, so, not caring about it that much, I don’t know if any of our upper chamber overlords possess any decency or intelligence. Rand Paul maybe? Bernie? At this point, it does not matter. I do know that the three degenerates who putatively represent me voted in favor of national suicide. Thanks, asshats. Now, fuck off and die! In the name of Brahma, amen, and awoman.

S. 3522, the Meddling in Another War that Does Not Concern America in the Name of Lunatic Satanism and on the Indirect Behalf of Second-Rate Slavic Nazism Act (aka Lend-Lease 2022!) passed both houses. The other day, whatever signs laws in the name of the decrepit, senile, fake president Brandon signed it into law.

The evil empire will now send even more targets for the MOD to destroy. For starters…

Timing matters, especially when it comes to the laws passed by “your” government. The ridiculously-named Cares Act was drafted and dropped prior to anyone (outside the DOD, CIA, or NIH) ever hearing of something called “Covid.” The horrifically-misnamed Patriot Act was drafted months if not years before Operation Nine-Eleven Woods was carried out. Likewise, Lend-Lease 2022! was deposited in the hopper on January 19, 2022, a good month-plus before Russia defensively intervened in Ukraine. Statutes like this don’t craft themselves overnight; rest assured it was written months before Putin commenced his military buildup. I would not be at all surprised if some form was drafted back in 2014 when the empire overthrew the legitimate government in K-I- (it’s K-I-E-V, Ministry of Truth) -E-V. 

Again, timing matters. The CIA and DOD have been operating in Ukraine, heavily, since they started planning Voldemort “The Crossdressing Jewish Hitler” Zelenskyy’s genocidal invasion of Donbass. They were there prior to 2014, planning both the coup and Fauci’s germ warfare labs. In fact, they were there in the immediate aftermath of World War II in order to spirit Stepan Bandera and other Urkanazis away to safety, thus allowing them to escape Soviet prosecution for war crimes. “Your” government has been rotten for a looooooong time. The fact that you’ve largely tolerated or abetted it says something derogatory about you, you fat heathen idiots.

The last time the empire did the old Lend-Lease martial runup, in March of 1941 with England, it was only a matter of months before Americans were dragged into WWII. In 1915-17, something similar happened with the RMS Lusitania, and WWI. Has the Dark State, the CIA, whatever demon controls Brandon, Lispy Graham, and 519 (subtracting for Sens. Paul and Sanders, right??) other shits now committed us to WWIII? While we can and indeed should hope not, history tends to indicate they have. 

Yes, a few things have changed since 1941 or 1917. The US was then the American nation of the American people. Today, Americans are a hated, dying minority in our squabbling polyglot slum of New Babel. Back then, the US was a manufacturing powerhouse. Today … not so much. Then, the Dollar rose to supplant the Pound. Today, the Bit-Bot-Doggie Coin teeters on the brink of disaster. Then, the nation held a 100+ average IQ. Today, we cling tenuously to 90+. 

Russia, on the other hand, is still Russia. The people in Russia are if it can be believed, almost entirely Russian. They’re rather smart. The Ruble is one-half of the new currency replacing the Bit-Bot-Dollar. They make things, weapons included, in an economy that is virtually 100% self-sufficient. Russia is the most powerful nuclear-armed country in the world. 

Check Global Firepower’s 2022 rankings. Russia’s 0.0501 second-place looks suspiciously like a tie with the US’s 0.0453 first. Consider that Moscow’s systems, nuclear included, are more updated, more advanced, and work better than Washington’s. Russia holds hard power to the US’s hollow influential brand. Russians like to win; the US offers “transition” operations for tranny recruits. Consider that Putin’s forces are concentrated in Russia for the defense of Russia and that Brandon’s are stretched mighty thin, worldwide, ever bringing democracy, biowarfare, debt, destabilization, and death to the lesser folks. Consider that Russia still makes abundant tritium while the US has produced no appreciable quantity this century. Russia has an abundance of Mach-10, plasma-stealth-shielded hypersonic delivery platforms. The B-52 first flew 70 YEARS AGO. Consider that DC is backed by an unenthusiastic cadre of second and third-rate powers; Russia is backed by China. Russia has a history, dating to near-ancient times, of defeating all comers. The USSA was defeated, last year, by seven essentially unarmed, disorganized, barefoot farmers in the hills. 

And, “your” government wants a war…

We all know it’s the neocons, the ideological sons, and grandsons of Trotsky. No sooner were they violently ejected from Russia in the 1930s than they landed in the US. And took over. While you’ve gleefully allowed yourselves to be replaced by incompatible primitives, you turned your society, economy, and government over to a tiny band of tiny devil worshipers. Lately, despite all the luck their master could grant them, they’ve been having a very rough time. They have hated Russia long before the 1928-41 timeframe, likely for over 1,000 years. It is most likely they hate Americans a small fraction more – if that’s possible. So, one can safely assume they do not care at all about the dangers of provoking an unwinnable war between parties they eternally despise. Again, that you allowed this to rule over you…

I’ve written about the potential matchup before and do not care to again. In quick summary, I think the US’s military will be about as damaging to Russia’s military as the US’s sanctions have been to Russia’s economy. For reasons, I still don’t think this thing will go the total distance. It will, however, probably go some ways down the road. Time will tell. Remember that the empire has been provoking Russia for three decades without cause, hard and heavy in Ukraine for the last eight years. If or when Putin responds, look for it to be hard, fast, and devastating. Recall his warning about “consequences like you have never seen in your history.” Kindly avoid large cities, military bases, and critical infrastructure for the duration. I now advise against entering anywhere near the Yankee Capital from now on.

Today’s harsh title? If we are forced some ways down that road, we may see something new in Amerikant annals. There is still-quiet but growing talk about renewed military conscription. There’s also been not-so-quiet but growing talk about cherished equality in future conscriptions. If it comes to it, the odds are alarmingly high that in addition to our sons, the wicked little servants of satan may draft our daughters. Or try to. It goes without saying that this move would be utterly unwise and an admission that the US nation-state has completely failed. 

I strongly caution against any war with Russia and any war on behalf of stupid, foreign satanists. I strongly caution against a draft. I most strongly caution against drafting women. Really, do not do it. (This DIRE WARNING has been brought to the appropriate parties by the letters R, D, and X, and by the number 7.62).

*Next week, look for, potentially in lieu of a new column, two blast-from-the-past classics!

UPDATE: Rand is getting in the way by using that Paul-ian brand of conservo-libertarianism which demands adherence to legalism. At least he’s slowing the madness and making the lockstep allegiance between Schumer and McConnell obvious to anyone except the average ‘Murican.

Stop Asian Hate


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Particularly as to the very based Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has sparked controversy after he once again defended White nationalism. The elderly monk agreed with the statement that, “white people have a right to exist in their own countries.” Explaining himself, he stated, “I do not think a world without white people would be complete. We should celebrate the whole world’s diversity and that of course means nations being their own. I do not think a France without the French would be a good thing, but completely the opposite. I love all people.”

Going on, he stated that, “I can understand the sadness and despair of Europeans and Americans who worry about losing their countries. Immigrants should return to their own countries, especially those who are from safe places. When I travel to Berlin, I wonder, where are the Germans? I weep for what they have lost.”

“People should, of course, be in friendship and harmony, but there is a saying. Good neighborhoods have good fencing. I think there would be much less hatred on Earth if we respected each other’s nations much more. I have become much more convinced of this as I grow older. I do not think that mixing is always a good thing. We can learn from each other without becoming one another.”

When asked if he thought immigrants should be expelled, the Dalai Lama explained that, in his view, “They should go home on their own accord because it is a good thing to do, if your country is safe. However, if they refuse to leave, I would understand if there was some compulsion.”

Promoting the very existence of White People is “controversy.” Promoting nationalism is “controversy.” One will note the utter lack of fear on His Lamaness’s part over being called bad names like “racist.” One will also note that he expresses more concern for Americans and Europeans than they do for themselves. Long live the Lama!

Here We Go?


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Vox comments on the extremely stupid and evil doings of the extremely evil and stupid fake administration in it’s the ziocon’s lust for war with Russia.

Countdown to WWIII

Fake President Biden signs a bipartisan lend-lease act that historical precedent suggests is likely to precede a hot war with the Sino-Russian alliance within one year.

Washington sought to portray a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan measure to reboot the World War II-era “lend-lease” program, which helped defeat Nazi Germany, to bolster Kyiv and Eastern European allies.

The signing comes as the U.S. Congress is poised to unleash billions more to fight the war against Russia — with Democrats preparing $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid, larger than the $33 billion package Biden has requested.

From Infogalactic:

The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States, (Pub.L. 77–11, H.R. 1776, 55 Stat. 31, enacted March 11, 1941)[1] was an American program to defeat Germany, Japan and Italy by distributing food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and August 1945.

Less than eight months later, the USA was formally at war with Japan and Germany.

The US is not the America of 1941. It’s certainly not the America of 1917. It’s not America at all. But, if it really comes time for WW3, then the empire will expect Americans to fight and die for evil. I would advise against that. Now would be a great time to get out of the cities and avoid military installations and critical infrastructure. As I mentioned a few days ago on PPN, I would, from this time on, avoid the Washington, DC metro area permanently.

Time will tell. “Z!”

Fred on the Great Replacement


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Fred Reed pretty accurately sums up where we are.

“First, and most obvious, is the deplorable state of our K-12 math education system. Far too few American public-school children are prepared for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This leaves us increasingly dependent on a constant inflow of foreign talent, especially from mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and India. In a 2015 survey conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Graduate Record Examinations Board, about 55 percent of all participating graduate students in mathematics, computer sciences, and engineering at US schools were found to be foreign nationals.”

So: The Southwest to Latinos, the cities and culture to blacks, universities and laboratories to the Chinese, and a noticeable savor of curry in managerial ranks. This is America.

Whites? In decline, both proportionately in the population and in dwindling numbers in science and engineering. This is perhaps most conspicuous in the downgrading of mathematics in schools and universities as being racist.

Read the whole thing. I don’t think he’s necessarily 100% accurate with the possible (possible) outcomes. Any of the courses he lists could happen. Others too. (Could happen). And, this thing will not to continue sliding as-is for much longer. Something has to give. As for his summary questions: where’s it going? Yes, economic decline, societal collapse, and tremendous upheaval. All of this was avoidable or fixable a number of decades ago. The last chances slipped away while ‘Muricans ate, doped, bombed, and retarded. Now, onward to the inevitable.

Charge Them


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The whole of the illegitimate US establishment and the dark handlers behind it does, in fact, act as an enemy combatant against Russia and the free peoples of the world.

Washington should be added to a “list of war criminals” as it is now directly participating in “hostilities” in Ukraine, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin claimed on Saturday, citing media reports about alleged US intelligence-sharing with Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has told senior intelligence officials that “counterproductive” leaks about data sharing with Ukraine should stop, NBC reported on Friday.

Though there was no official reaction to the report from the US authorities, Volodin took to Telegram to comment on it. “The United States is taking part in hostilities in Ukraine. US President Biden, demanding to stop leaks about the exchange of intelligence information with Ukraine, admitted that Washington had been exposed,” he wrote.

Volodin said that the Ukrainian government, which he described as the “Kiev Nazi regime,” not only relies on weapons from the West, but also on the “assistance of American intelligence forces.

The Duma chairman wrote that Washington “essentially coordinates and develops military operations” in Ukraine, and is therefore directly participating in the “hostilities” against Russian forces.

For the crimes committed in Ukraine by the Kiev Nazi regime, the US leadership should also be held accountable, adding to the list of war criminals,” Volodin concluded.

Intelligence, weapons, sanctions, agitation, and, let’s not forget, the little C19 thing. The MOD should at the very least consider charging the ringleaders. Previous imperial scumbags have been charged, tried, and convicted, albeit in abstentia. Russia, unlike previous prosecutorial parties, has the means to visit justice upon the war criminals.