More Benefits of Academic Inclusion


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More Chinese spying. Also in Boston. Hotbed?

When a researcher from a Chinese military academy applied to study with celebrated Boston University physicist Eugene Stanley, he said her affiliation didn’t raise red flags.

“I’m not interested at all in politics. I’m a scientist,” said Mr. Stanley, whose wide-ranging research has included using artificial intelligence to decode financial markets and applying statistical physics to prevent diseases.

A range of U.S. agencies, from the Defense Department to the National Institutes of Health, have sounded alarms over Beijing’s alleged attempts to tap U.S. university expertise to boost China’s military and technological competitiveness.

U.S. officials accuse China of targeting academia, including by sending military researchers to American labs and using talent-recruitment programs to attract to China top-flight scientists, entrepreneurs and experts, as well as their intellectual property.

Yet, the Trump and the Mick still want more migrants. And, could that AI also be used to say, track or spread diseases? Heck with it, it’s XFL season!

Langley Barbie


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I need not even consult Tom Ironsides on this one. More (and more and more) lies from DC.

Walder started at Langley in 2000, at the age of 21, eventually becoming an expert in al Qaeda and chemical weapons and interviewing captured terrorist associates in the Middle East. Although she didn’t exactly look the part of a Middle East scholar, Walder writes that she had been terrified of Osama bin Laden for years, having caught a harrowing television interview with him in 1997. Then the unthinkable happened: That very same man attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.


Meanwhile, in the months after 9/11, Walder says, the White House was only interested in intelligence that linked al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein. The problem? There wasn’t any.

Then, “The Girl” left the CIA FBI. In the brief time that she was in the Bureau, she might have learned that OBL was never charged with anything related to 9/11 as, like Saddam, there was nothing to link him to it. BTW, the real masterminds are still out there.

I Think I Can Explain


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A lot of Chinese spies tourists in Florida lately.

In total, four Chinese men have been arrested for trespassing and taking photos at Naval Air Station Key West since September 2018, and two Chinese women have been arrested for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago since March 2019.

“Coincidences take a lot of planning,” said Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence.

Maybe. Or maybe it’s all literary. I have no idea about Mar-a-Lago, but the NAS visitors obviously wanted to see where Tom Ironsides crashed that Dassault Falcon in Shaded of Cuba (THE SUBSTITUTE). Ever wonder where the plane came from? You’ll find out soon enough, along with whatever became of their passenger.

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In Praise of the Monarchy


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In Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein has long been recognized as one of the most free and prosperous countries in the world. However, there has been little analysis of Liechtenstein’s development because the scant research that existed was in German and therefore inaccessible to most American scholars. Furthermore, many saw no need to study Liechtenstein, viewing it as an accident of history with an anachronistic political system. Liechtenstein’s monarchy, unlike the monarchies in most other European states, retains extensive powers and is involved in the day-today operations of government. In fact, in 2003, Liechtensteiners voted to give the monarchy even more power, prompting the BBC to remark that they had “voted to make their prince an absolute monarch again.”

Much else has to do with the smallness of the small nation and with its overly intelligent and educated (and homogenous) population.

Roger Stone Cold Sentencing and Assoc. Problems


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So yeah, about that Constitutional crisis:

A funny thing happened, however, on the way to the courthouse. Two things, actually. First, the jury forewoman in Stone’s case outed herself as a die-hard Democrat who despises President Trump and his supporters as well as a former congressional candidate and far-left activist who still buys into the Russian collusion scam. She came out to defend the honor of the prosecutors in Stone’s case but ended up revealing that, while Judge Jackson silenced Roger Stone from speaking to the public during his trial, the forewoman of the jury was busy posting daily anti-Trump polemics. Second, rather than cowering in intimidation, President Trump took the opportunity of an “emergency meeting” of the federal judges to publicly ask that they look into the well documented FISA Court fraud and the Judiciary’s role in perpetrating the greatest political scandal in our nation’s history: President Obama’s use of the CIA and FBI to spy on the campaign of a presidential candidate from the opposing party and the subsequent use of such criminally obtained information to launch the Mueller probe and overturn the result of the 2016 election.

And, the branches were never coequal, being introduced in order. Congress having largely abdicated, that leaves the executive. Jump!

I Thought it was a Social Construct


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Race, that is. Otherwise, how could a virus be genetically predisposed to pick one group over another? Some wise college students surely have the answer.

The state University at Albany is investigating whether an off-campus coronavirus-themed party violated the college’s student code of conduct, the university confirmed Thursday.

Asian American Alliance, a university student organization, condemned the party hosted by students last weekend, saying it was insensitive and racist. A statement on the alliance’s Instagram account said the virus “has led to not only mass stereotyping of Asian people, but also hundreds of deaths across the world.”

Oh, wait.

The virus is bad enough. If this party happened as alleged, then it was in poor taste. Seeking punishment via an evil “code of conduct” is as bad or worse, unAmerican. But, through their demand, the Asian students make an interesting admission: “Diseases that affect non-white populations are radicalized…” Well, only Asians have died from the nCoV thus far. Interesting, is it not? A better demand might be for answers about how the thing either mutated or was designed (radicalized, if you will). Who could have benefited?