Boy, do we have a few, here, now and around the corner.

For instance, we just past the 8th anniversary of perrinlovett -dot- me, starting to use the “me”. I’m still waiting on the pirate ransom on -dot- com to come down a little. This marked the beginning of an eight year run of consistency that continues to this very day. It’s also almost the tenth anniversary of the true start here, back in 2013. The old blog’s overall 11th birthday is coming in June. Between now and then, we’ll cross the 10th anniversary of my observations of the 20th anniversary of something else.

Thanks for being along for the ride. We’ve a ways to go yet.


News of the World


Of course the C19 biowarfare and the fake vaxx was intentional. We, of course warned the normiots, but they didn’t listen. They will soon blame us for their stupidity: see:

(Satire – for now).

No one with a brain is surprised about the UGA crash. The only question is when the SH driver was vaxxed.

Also, everyone knows Daniel Swift (if that was his real name) was not AWOL. He was “sheep-dipped”. Again, do not serve the GAE.

FPC Down


Yesterday, I noticed the FPC site was inoperable or inaccessible. I will check today as this might be a fluke. However, I sense it is the inevitable end of a ride that was great while it lasted. If that’s the case, and any FPers happen upon this post, then for further social media-ing, I again recommend Social Galactic or GAB.

It appears the domains for the SPA and for FPN, the site not the Anchor pods, are also out. I do not know, but I would advise archiving any needed articles at the original FP site. I expect it will be renewed, but I just don’t know for sure. FRC is still operational, as a site and as a concern, so far as I am aware. C’est la vie.

For my part, I am happy to have been a part of all things FP from (mid) 2016 – (earliest) 2023. Again, it’s a retirement I will happily consider retirement from should those cards ever come up.


UPDATE: I checked and they’re still out. Probably permanent.

UPDATE: Probably a good idea to back-up any FP or FRC items one might want to hang onto. I have an vast archive of articles in the hopper, but that is where most will likely stay.

Sanctions Work!


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As seen in this Russian supermarket, they work very well in forcing domestic production and independence, thus ushering in boom times for sufficiently developed economies and societies. BTW, I didn’t bother, but I suspect that if one runs a conversion of any of the featured item prices, one (in the West) may get a little hot under the collar.


The Good Salesman


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At least our enemies are somewhat honest. CRT in Jaw-Jaw skuulz.

The clip starts as he says: ‘If you don’t say the word critical race theory you can technically teach it.’

The journalist says: ‘And it’s amazing you got schools to purchase the curriculum…’ But Bostic interrupts and says: ‘And they don’t even know what’s going on.”

He continues: ‘I would say I’m a good salesman… but I’m also an evil salesman. Like, so bad.’

He is evil. But so are the people who run the failed schools. The people who send their children to the failed schools, which skewing wicked, are largely retarded. They also lack faith, bouncing around from one protty prosperity concern to another as the number of churchian outlets continues to shrink.

The end of all this will not be pleasant, but at least, it is ending.

The Clock is Now Running



Forget what you think and forget what you believe. Just go with the facts as alleged in the mainstream media. For twenty-four decades, to my knowledge, no US president’s ever had their personal homes raided for any reason. Now, two presidents have had their homes raided within six months. This is not exactly the appearance of that healthy functioning democracy we’ve been told about. In fact, all of this, merely as alleged by the MSM, begins to eclipse the reputation of the fabled banana republics.

The end of the United States as a political entity is now underway. 2033, at first ridiculed as ridiculous, now feels a little too generous. Tick, tick, tick…


Zero Units


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The satanic yankee empire is a giant rolling crime against humanity. Read about the CIA’s murder operations in Afghanistan, 80-97% false positives rates and all.

Sandwiched between bomb blasts and attacks on government institutions by insurgents, the Zero Units, whose members are estimated to be in the thousands, received scant scrutiny until 2013. Under the Trump administration, CIA Director Mike Pompeo announced that the agency was ramping up its approach in Afghanistan: “The CIA, to be successful, must be aggressive, vicious, unforgiving, relentless — you pick the word.”

My word for it is “evil.” Come 2033+/- we need to consider our own Zero Units to go after the luciferians.

A Solution Has Been Proposed


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One of Germany’s more vocal invaders has told the Krauts what they need to do in order to get rid of invaders like him.

Khani indicates that even if Germans do not like migrants in Germany, the migrants will stay in the country barring extreme violence.

“Without extreme violence, eclipsing that of Hitler’s Germany, (the Aryan) nightmare will not come true,” he writes.

Maybe instead of sending tanks and equipment to Kiev, they should use them internally to clean house. After all, failure to follow minority advice is essentially “racist.” We can’t have that. Maybe…

Ah, heck. Germany, it was nice knowing you.