Bad Numbers


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Horrible numerical news out of DC. The national debt just hit $21 Trillion.

The national debt exceeded $21 trillion for the first time on Thursday, a little more than six months after it hit first $20 trillion on Sept. 8.

The national debt was $21.031 trillion on Thursday. The government releases total debt figures each business day, but it lags by one day.

Federal borrowing has been on the rise again since February, when Congress passed legislation to suspend the debt ceiling. That move allowed the government to borrow as much as it needs to fund the activities approved by Congress.

I was shocked too. And VERY disappointed. At this rate, the debt bomb will only reach $34 Trillion or so by 2024, far short of my forecast of $40 Trillion. Pathetic. We need a war or a new entitlement or something. And soon. Let’s us try to think of something easy that we can communicate to Congress – slowly and with pictures, of course. Remember, every Trillion printed means Trillions more at the disposal of the Banksters. We need to make them happier.

How about a war to make the world safe for social security? We could start bombing Brazil in an hour or two. That would beat thinking about our own ticking bomb.


Branco/ARPA News.


On the FIU Bridge Collapse


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A horrible tragedy. At least six now are dead with many more injured. The police expect additional fatalities are possible.

Recovery workers expect to find more bodies as debris is removed, Miami-Dade police Director Juan Perez said Friday. Of the six people who died, five bodies still were under the bridge wreckage Friday morning, Zabaleta said.

At least nine people were taken to hospitals, authorities said, after the bridge failure that one witness said “sounded like the world was ending.”

The structure’s 950-ton main span had just been installed Saturday using an accelerated construction process meant in part to reduce the time that street traffic was halted. The bridge had been designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

The bridge was scheduled to open to foot traffic and cyclists in 2019, and was designed boost safety on busy 8th Street, where an 18-year-old FIU student was fatally struck by a vehicle in August.

“It is exactly the opposite of what we had intended, and we want to express our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of those who have been affected,” Rosenberg, the university’s president, said in a video.

“The bridge was about collaboration, about neighborliness, about doing the right thing,” he said. “But today, we’re sad. And all we can do is promise a very thorough investigation, to getting to the bottom of this and mourn those who we have lost.”

A few thoughts:

My guess is the thing was way too heavy. 950 tons!? That’s about 5 tons per foot. If it wasn’t that, then I suspect it was something with the new, speedy construction methods. Could be both. The investigation will reveal the cause sooner or later.

Much was made of the architect who designed the structure. It was, putting it one way, not your father’s engineering. Another guess of mine is that there was too much emphasis on aesthetics – which, combined with incredible (likely unnecessary) mass, just didn’t hold up to mean old Mr. Gravity. Too heavy.

And “too heavy” may explain the desire to have such a super-sized structure in the first place. Pedestrian bridges are good, great even. And it sounds like one is really needed at that location. Yet, this may be another example of government overkill.

It’s kind of like the school shootings. An extremely small number of kids are killed in schools each year by bullets. More are killed by bees, swimming pools, and electricity arching between the Earth and the sky. But those aren’t easily projected upon law-abiding citizens and the NRA.

The “solutions” to the few gun deaths are always more of the same dictatorial, anti-freedom measures that help feed the shootings in the first place. More prison-like schools. More laws. More cops (to hide under stairwells). More spying. More snitching. More fear. More panic. More hysteria. More gun control. Less freedom. It was something about trading essential liberty for temporary security… And it’s always overreaction.

So it my be with this bridge. One person killed crossing a street is one too many. I had a beautiful young friend who was hit and killed by a bus while crossing the street in Athens, many years ago now. Again, the bridges may be a reasonable response. But the physical objects themselves should also be reasonable. Might a simple, yet sturdy, steel tube bridge have sufficed? Could not all of this been accomplished without the pomp, grandstanding, SJWism, and risky construction practices? Still getting my mind around something the size of a small ship hanging overhead.

The investigation will proceed. We’ll know one day.

There will be lawsuits. Maybe criminal prosecutions. And, at least with the civil suits, there will discovery problems. Big ones.

Companies involved in the bridge’s construction are scurrying to delete tweets and other marks of all the former pomp and celebration.

After the collapse of Florida International University’s newly-completed pedestrian bridge killed several and injured others on Thursday, two construction companies involved immediately deleted tweets celebrating the “spectacular” structure.

Reporters captured screenshots of the posts before they came down, showing a congratulatory shoutout from BDI Test to Barnhart Crane, a group with whom it said it worked on the project. Wednesday night, less than 24 hours before disaster struck, Barnhart tweeted a PR Newswire story showcasing the bridge’s supports.

What else is being deleted? And who is pressing the delete key?

This isn’t just a bad PR move. It’s also known as destruction of evidence. Any party who knows, or should know, that legal action is in process or is likely to commence, is duty bound to preserve any and all evidence. This includes digital or electronic information – to include social media posts. This is black letter law, under the civil practice act and the rules of civil procedure. It’s in the federal system and the Florida code. Some lawyer is probably having a fit right now.

Proof of willful destruction, deletion, of such information has ramifications, some of them drastic. Such actions can shift presumptions and even force admissions of fact. That can force settlements, as will likely be the case here.

Anyway, it’s just a terrible event. No “blame the National Bridge Association” or “only the police or military need high-capacity bridges” comments today. Worn, eh?

As a final aside, I’ve always hated walking or driving under large overhead structures. Maybe my fear hasn’t been so misplaced.



Broward County Releases CCTV Video of Parkland School Shooting and School Deputy Inaction… — The Last Refuge


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Is this Peterson cat a coward? Or was he ordered to stand down? At least the popular press pressured the authorities to release a video.

A surveillance video released on Thursday shows a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the Parkland, Florida high school staying outside while a former student fatally shot 17 people, according to the sheriff’s office. The 27-minute video shows Broward County Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson failing to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where he worked as an […]

via Broward County Releases CCTV Video of Parkland School Shooting and School Deputy Inaction… — The Last Refuge

Video that works (for now):

Maybe Harden the Students, Not the Schools


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A dynamic duo of not-unrelated stories:

John Whitehead on NOT Over-Over Policing the Schools (More than enough already):

Just what we don’t need: more gun-toting, taser-wielding cops in government-run schools that bear an uncomfortable resemblance to prisons.

Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools already contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.”

Now the Trump Administration wants to double down on these totalitarian echo chambers.

The Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has announced that it will provide funding for schools that want to hire more resource officers. The White House has also hinted that it may repeal “Rethink School Discipline” policies, heralding a return to zero tolerance policies that treat children like suspects and criminals, especially within the public schools.

As for President Trump, he wants to “harden” the schools.

Maybe we could harden the young people instead of feeding them a load of worn out socialism:

Students Lie Down During Walk Out:

Hours after thousands of Richmond County students participated in a school walkout to push Congress to end gun violence, area youth staged a lie-in outside the Augusta office of U.S. Rep. Rick Allen.

Organized by March For Our Lives CSRA, about 15 students laid down on the grassy right-of-way for 17 minutes while hundreds of cars passed by on Interstate 20 and Interstate Parkway. Most of the participants were high school students from Evans, Lakeside and Davidson Fine Arts, although there were some younger pupils.

They’re hearts are surely in the right place. But their actions are misguided, ideologically and symbolically. No one but the dead “laid down” at Lexington and Concord.

Whether in Atlanta, Sacramento, or DC, the politicians must welcome people on their backs, practically prostrate before whatever heavy-handed madness the elite have in mind. This is the opposite of freedom. It’s clamoring for more of what causes the real problems in the first place.


“Standing tall” for Marxism. Michael Holahan/The Augusta Chronicle.

He Kissed a Girl and He Didn’t Like It


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File this one away under “What the …?!”

The Style section of The New York Times informs us of a strange happening in an increasingly strange land during very strange times:

Teenage Boy Miffed By Kiss ….. ………. From KATY PERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. At the outset I will say I do not think he’s a homosexual. Could be though I rather buy his “conservative family” line. I think that can mean puritanical. Not sure. Not sure about any of this…

With apologies to the Times, Carlos Slim, and Katherine Rosman (who writes a mean piece), I have to fair use the whole thing, here, now, for it’s massive value, and to easily insert my thoughts and reactions (BOLD):

When Benjamin Glaze, at the time a 19-year-old cashier from Enid, Okla., auditioned for “American Idol,” he had hoped his big moment would come as he belted out “Stadium,” a song he wrote himself. That or Nick Jonas’s 2015 single “Levels.”

Instead, it came when the popstar Katy Perry, a judge on the show, surprised him by kissing him smack on the lips, moments before his audition. He had never been kissed before.

“I was a tad bit uncomfortable,” Mr. Glaze said by phone this week, after the incident aired on the season premiere. His first kiss was a rite of passage he had been putting off with consideration. “I wanted to save it for my first relationship,” he said. “I wanted it to be special.”

How much more special can you get than kissing KATY PERRY!? At her insistence!!

And, honestly, how long is he planning on waiting for that first relationship? 19 … going on 40?

“Would I have done it if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no,” he said. “I know a lot of guys would be like, ‘Heck yeah!’ But for me, I was raised in a conservative family and I was uncomfortable immediately. I wanted my first kiss to be special.”

Again – it’s KATY PERRY! Had she asked me for a kiss last October, and then preemptively put the moves on me, I’d like to think I’d still be slobbering on her right now.

The scene with the kiss was part of the two-night season opener for the new “American Idol,” which is now airing on ABC after a 15-year run on Fox. It is being judged by a new panel of celebrities — Ms. Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan — and is hosted by Ryan Seacrest, who hosted the program on Fox, and is a creative consultant for the show as well.

In the segments that featured Mr. Glaze, he was shown waiting around in anticipation for his audition with other hopefuls.

After he entered the studio, guitar slung over his shoulder and looking a bit star struck, he said he enjoyed his work as a cashier because it let him meet “cute girls.”

Okay. Good thinking, kid!

“Have you kissed a girl and liked it?” asked Mr. Bryan, making a coy reference to Ms. Perry’s first hit single, “I Kissed A Girl.” Mr. Glaze said that he had not. “I have never been in a relationship and I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.”

The lovely California Gurl immediately proved him wrong about that one.

At that, Ms. Perry stood up. “Come here,” she said to Mr. Glaze. “Come here right now.”

She told me to come but I was already there. (Brian Johnson’s voice).

Ms. Perry motioned for him to come over to the judges’ table and stuck her face toward him. “One on the cheek?” he said and she smiled. He quickly touched his face to her cheek. She asked for another kiss, complaining that he hadn’t even made the “smush sound.” As he moved toward her cheek again, Ms. Perry swung her face toward him and kissed him quickly on the lips. “Katy!” he yelled, as he stumbled backward. “You didn’t!” Ms. Perry raised her arms in victory.

I’d also like to think I’d later have her yelling my name… Victory!

Mr. Glaze then asked for a drink of water, delivered a lackluster audition and was kindly rejected by the judges.

Is it possible Perry blew his groove? Harshed his mellow? Whatever the kids say?

Even though it aired earlier this week, the audition itself took place last October and this has given Mr. Glaze, who is now 20, some time to consider the event with perspective.

20 and can say he kissed, hell, made out with, KATY PERRY!

The kiss did result in his getting more screen time, which has helped draw attention to his music. “So in that way,” he said, “I’m glad she did it because it’s a great opportunity to get my music out.”

Yeah. In that way…

When he returned home, Mr. Glaze worked through his feelings about the kiss by talking to his friends. “They agreed with me that it didn’t really count,” he said. “It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about. That’s what a real first kiss is.”

Alright. I’ll go out on a limb and speculate the friends may be closeted.

He said he does not feel he was sexually harassed and is grateful to Ms. Perry for tweeting about him.

Ahem. I’d like to think! I’d say I didn’t feel Twitter harassed and am grateful for the kissing… I come from a different time and place; forgive me…

The show’s producers embraced the footage, using it in televised promos and on social media. On the American Idol website, Mr. Glaze’s performance is posted under the headline, “Benjamin Glaze’s First Kiss and Audition.” The show’s Twitter feed also posted a photograph of Mr. Glaze and wrote, “This journey has just begun, Benjamin. A kiss for good luck from @katyperry and you’re on your way.”

The first kiss of an aw-shucks teenager from Oklahoma, delivered by a superstar singer, might have made for a sweet pop-culture moment in a previous era. But as the nation re-examines sexual conduct and power dynamics in workplaces and in the media, the kiss didn’t land well with all viewers. “It was a forced sexual act,” one viewer posted in reply to American Idol’s tweet: “Imagine if this was from a male judge. Has @katyperry not taken anything from the #metoo movement?” In the same thread, another viewer wondered if Mr. Glaze’s religious convictions had been disrespected. And many other viewers mirrored the sentiment of one fan, who wrote, “Lucky son of a gun.”

Okay, in the interests of fighting plagiarism I left off the last sentence. Read Rosman’s work. Hell, subscribe to the Times. And I hope the mass quotation (for educational purposes as much as to highlight excellent journalism) indention carried over. Problems with the interface I’ve noticed… Anyway, more thoughts:

I kind of miss that previous era. What was it called again? Oh yeah. The Age of Sanity! An age when a kiss wasn’t a “forced sexual act.” It was just a kiss. Unless, of course, it was from KATY PERRY!!! Then, it would be considered legendary. Pop/Rock lyrics all over the place tonight:

It was long ago and it was far away and it was so much better than it is today.

Now, for the young and/or stupid: what you call a “hashtag,” this thing, #, was first known as the “pound sign.” So … #metoo? No, Katy, I’d pound you first. Erudite? No. But honest, if vulgar. It’s KATY PERRY!!! we’re talking about!

I get where the kid, the young man, rather, is coming from. It’s almost nice to see a reminder of naive innocence in these darkened times. I don’t follow his or his family’s thinking on the relationship / “real” first kiss association but I respect it. The friends’ perspective, not so much.

I’ve seen entire websites, with more traffic than this one, that pontificate about boys or men like this. They use words like “Gamma,” “Soy,” and “MGTOW.” Not me. But I get it. I think. I think I can almost wrap my (warped) mind around this incident.

Some of you know that I myself have a conservative side. Whichever side that is, it is not concerned with stopping a kiss from KATY PERRY!!! I’ll admit to being as jealous as flabbergasted.

So, in conclusion:

Young fellow: Learn from this experience. Reach for the stars.

Katy: Shame on you, you love bipolar, hot and cold, dirty gurl.

Busybodies: Get a life.

NY Times: Please don’t sue me. I really think I have a DMCA fair use thingy…


L-R: Awkward Yokel approaches with guitar; some guy with a chain starts to puke??; Katy …. mmmm Katy – that hair may not do it but, Lordy, the rest of her; hick in green shirt yucks it up. ABC/NYT.


Neocon Nikki’s Defining Moment


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Earlier today I wrote, in a blurb for FP News about the GB-Russia Row: “The US will side with Britain. How that affects US-Russian relations is yet to be seen.” Can’t link to it just yet as its scheduled for tomorrow morning, 6 AM I think. (Cause I’m always a day ahead!) Anyway, I was right.

Nutty Nikki Haley jumps to conclusions about foreign affairs that really don’t concern us faster than she tears down a Confederate flag.

New York City could be the next site of a chemical assassination attempt if world leaders fail to punish Russia for its alleged role in poising of a former spy in the United Kingdom, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned Wednesday.

“If we don’t take immediate concrete measures to address this now, Salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used,” Haley told the United Nations Security Council. “They could be used here in New York, or in cities of any country that sits on this Council. This is a defining moment.”

Yes. Immediate concrete measures – right up against that Russian veto. A defining moment, defining the meddling stupidity of the neocons.

Strange, but Haley failed to produce any evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement in the London deaths. I suppose allegations are sufficient. And I would suppose someone who’s boss has been accused of Russia pandering, without any proof, would think twice before jumping on the same sort of bandwagon. I would suppose that she so thinks; I won’t knowing that she doesn’t.

Mr. President, while you’re firing people!


Washington Examiner (slightly modified).

The Extraordinary Rendition of America


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Yesterday, in a headline for FP, I celebrated the departure of Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State and the man who ushered in the brave new age of the Boy Scouts of America. But it’s really a mixed bag.

Tillerson never belonged anywhere near government power. His firing is a good thing. A liberal friend rightly pointed out that Trump has the highest and fastest rate of administrative turnover in history. It’s does look like disarray. Oddly, by his own list, leaving aside some major points (Obamacare, the wall, locking HER up, etc.), Trump is actually accomplishing his agenda. If it works…

However, with the cabinet positions, aides, and so forth, the turnover is a mixed bag. We seem to lose one deep state, globalist idiot only to have another step right in to take his place. Seems like it spreads.

The newly nominated Sec. State, replacing T-Rex, in the former Director of the CIA. Do we really want the head of secret police/paramilitary force representing us to the world? Might that not send a mixed message?

The new, nominated Director of the CIA is the former Deputy Director, Gina Haspel. If you’ve never heard of her, that’s probably because you watch America’s mainstream, lamestream, report no real facts media. Stop that. Get all your news and entertainment here!

Anyway, Gina is a career employee of the company, a former honcho for NCS, perhaps the most dangerous and unaccountable part of the deep state. The woman is “quite literally a war criminal.”

She ran the notorious CIA “black site” in Thailand. You’ve probably not heard much about that. It was (is) only one of the many places where the USA, beacon of virtue, engages in illegal torture of enemy combatants (defined as whomever the President says is…). This has been standard operating procedure under the current and past two administrations (Duuuuuuh-wa, no hope and no change, MAGA).

This practice and those like would, if conducted by any other government, constitute actionable offenses against humanity. There has been limited legal action already. The international community has little sway over the US with its thousands of operable nukes. And there is NO justice left in America’s courts. So, what sent Nazis to the gallows (on trumped-up, ex post facto charges and no due process at all), the US gets a pass on. Exceptionalism or something.

And, even honest CIA killers admit this hideous treatment of prisoners doesn’t work. Abu Zubaydah, in US “custody” for something like 15 years, with no rights, and no hope, was horribly battered and abused only to have it discovered he knew nothing and was not a threat. Still at Club GitMo though.

“Thems tarr-ists,” the unwashed roar, “who cares?” What part of “whomever the President says” don’t they get. It can be and has been US citizens.

I’ve been asking of late why Trump doesn’t apply such Draconian “justice” to the globalists, deep staters, and treasoners. Why not release the tortured, no threat, know-nothings, and make room for bankers, Congress Critters, judges, and people like Gina? You know, real threats who’ve actually done harm.

Instead Trump does the opposite, continually appointing rather than prosecuting.

And, back to this sh!t not working: the real terror threats are here, not out there in the sandbox or some other exotic locale. ISIS-inspired Corey Johnson comes to mind, if you look through the alternative media:

A 17-year-old named Corey Johnson claimed his Muslim faith commanded him to fatally stab a 13-year-old boy during a sleepover and severely injured another 13-year-old along with his mother who was stabbed more than a dozen times.

Palm Beach Florida authorities said the attacker confessed to the killing, attempted killings, and the motive of Islamic Jihad. After killing one teen and stabbing two more people Johnson barricaded himself in a room when police arrived. He was taken into custody at about 8 a.m. by the city’s SWAT team.

Palm Beach isn’t located in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, nor North Korea. And Johnson looks like a shaggy, disgruntled American everyteen. We don’t have to look that far for our boogeymen.


Justice in Amerika. New Yorker.

Platonically speaking, we’re passing rapidly from Democracy to Tyranny. Could we at least get a decent tyrant out of it, someone “cool?”

Don’t Feed the Migrants!


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A young, perhaps idealistic, Greek woman learned the hard way why we of the West really can’t have solidarity with people who don’t care for us and only want to mooch and cause trouble.

It all started on the 2nd of October 2016, when the female victim and her boyfriend attended a solidarity event for refugees at their university in the city of Thessaloniki.

After the party, the student and her boyfriend were passing through the university’s yard, when suddenly three migrants attacked them with broken bottles and tied them up.

The immigrants forced the woman to perform oral sex and robbed her, while at the same time, only a few meters away, the solidarity event to support refugees was in full swing.

The Greek police managed to arrest 3 immigrants, aged 19, 22 and 29, from Algeria and Syria for the rape case. Inside the men’s apartment, the police found drugs, 5,500 euros in cash, as well as stolen jewellery.

I wonder if the young couple still feels the same way about welcoming terrorists and criminals into civilization?


Steven Crowder/Twitter.

There is a reason they’re referred to as “RAPEfugees.”

Don’t feed the bears rapists criminals migrants.

The Office, Ink.


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So, the lovely young ladies kindly dragged me off to the mall today. There, as I observed the wildlife from my blind in the food court, I saw a fella wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Lettered on the front, it read: “Tattooed AND Employed”. His partially rolled-up sleeves verified the first part of the imprinted statement.

Maybe there’s some truth to this story:

“Times have changed,” Cannon [someone with tattoo(s)] said, adding that perceptions that tattoos are just for rebels and rock stars are fading. “People are using tattoos to express themselves. You actually learn a lot about a people just through their ink.”

A 2016 poll found that about 3 in 10 Americans had at least one tattoo, up from about 2 in 10 just four years earlier, and the younger they were, the more likely they were to have a tattoo: 47% of millennials — people in their 20s and 30s — had a tattoo; followed by 36% of gen Xers and 13% of baby boomers.

Moreover, the poll showed, a majority of Americans said they’d be comfortable seeing a person with a tattoo in a range of jobs including teachers, coaches, pediatricians, judges — and even presidential candidates.

And while Americans are getting more comfortable with tattoos in the office, they also seem increasingly adverse to wearing ties, which, for years, were part of the professional man’s uniform.

Read on to the part about employees and customers gleefully, willingly branded and paying homage to their corporate masters. Nisti servitus. Okay…

Rock stars. Rebels. Sailors. Inmates. Judges. And presidential candidates. Hey, why not? We already elect idiots, potheads, drunks, noncitizens, socialists, actors, and many other sorts of embarassingly unqualified goofs. A little “art” might brighten up the end Repubire (condensed Republic and Empire).

The bad news is that similar and not-too-unrelated polls, surveys, and studies find that America has become a mental basketcase. The good news, assuming we still have electricity and petrol in a decade or two, is that there may be a massive demand for tattoo removal. Kids of Gen Z, consider dermatology!

Also, as Carlin once remarked, “Americans LOVE the mall.” Shopping and eating! Light up sneakers. Things they don’t need. Short pants.


Yeah! I wonder if a or tat would be appropriate. I’m no rock star. Rick Nease/Detroit Free Enough Press.