The War on Journalism


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Is underway in the case against Julian Assange, with more fake charges piled on.

The Justice Department has hit WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with Espionage Act charges, escalating a legal fight against the high-profile activist and alarming press freedom activists.

DOJ had previously only indicted Assange on a single count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. Thursday’s revelation of the additional 18 charges, filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, means Assange could face significantly more prison time if found guilty.

“Any government use of the Espionage Act to criminalize the receipt and publication of classified information poses a dire threat to journalists seeking to publish such information in the public interest, irrespective of the Justice Department’s assertion that Assange is not a journalist,” said Bruce Brown, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, in a statement.

Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who also touched off a debate about the media’s role in publishing secret files when he leaked classified information to reporters in 2013, proclaimed: “the Department of Justice just declared war – not on Wikileaks, but on journalism itself.”

Luckily, Assange can expect a fair trial on these trumped-up nonsense charges! Maybe just as fair as his seven-year confinement in the Embassy for nothing. Then again, knowing Amerikan jurors, they’re probably already asleep.

Whose next?!

Restoring the Promise Review Preview


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I have just finished reading Richard Vedder’s Restoring the Promise. It’s good, spot-on in many places. Vedder is an economics professor so his take on academia is geared as such. Many, may charts and graphs, but most of the astoundingly worthwhile variety. He goes well beyond a purely financial analysis and he isn’t afraid of the tougher social issues. He essentially lays out two paths of redemption: the “conservative,” and the radical. Guess which one I favored?

More on this when I have time. There’s going to be a lot more, from me, on education.




If England had a Queen


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There would be no need to suffer any more May-related drama.

On another day of high drama in Westminster;

  • Tory kingmaker Sir Graham Brady will tell Theresa May she must name her departure date on Friday or face being forced out by his powerful committee within days.
  • Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn refused to engage with the PM, telling her it would be pointless because “she only has a few days left in the job”.
  • Desperate Tory and Labour chiefs attacked Nigel Farage in a last-ditch bid to stop him trouncing them at the Euro elections, as the nation goes to the polls.
  • Senior ministers demanded meetings with the Prime Minister to tell her NOT to offer MPs a chance to vote on a second Brexit referendum – but she refused to meet them
  • Dozens of Tories – including previously loyal backers of Mrs May – say she has now run out of road and must resign as soon as possible and leave Brexit to her successor
  • The Chief Whip told party bosses she was not planning to stand down last night and instead will hold a crunch showdown with the Tory backbench chief tomorrow – after today’s Euro elections
  • Tory grandees pulled back from changing party rules so the leader can be removed immediately
  • The PM’s DUP allies warned she is leaving Britain at the mercy of the EU

A ruling monarch could simply go ahead and sack May (and Parliament). Then, she could pronounce BREXIT done and over with. A little Spring cleaning and things would be much better in Avalon.

Failing the IQ Test


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We know Western IQ averages are falling, plummeting. I’ve covered it. Vox Day covers it. Stefan Molyneux covers it. Dutton and Woodley own the topic. In a sloppy bit of journalism, even NBC dives in.  At least they didn’t print thewell-worn “the average IQ is 100” statistical fallacy. But, they dance all around the issue, ending with something about climate change (shock!).

Ultimately, it’d be nice to pin down the precise reason IQ scores are dropping before we’re too stupid to figure it out, especially as these scores really do seem connected to long-term productivity and economic success.

Two primary reasons: 1) Smarter native people in the West aren’t having enough children (if they have any at all), and; 2) immigrants from lower-than-average countries keep having more children. No time, today, to explain mean regression, why smarter native people aren’t breeding, why not-so-bright natives are breeding, etc. Read “At Our Wits End” by Dutton and Woodley if you can’t already grasp the obvious (if you  work for NBC for example).

This stuff matters  mightily if you care about things like societal stability, electricty, abundant food, and indoor plumbing. If not, then pop a pill and chill out with the glowing screen on the wall (while it still hase power and programing).

THE WALL Progresses!


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At THIS RATE the entire border should be (nominally) secure within  500 years!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has put up just 1.7 miles of fencing with the US$1.57 billion that Congress appropriated last year for President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border, a federal judge was told.

A lawyer for the U.S. House of Representatives provided the information Tuesday to the judge in Oakland, California, who is weighing requests from 20 state attorneys general and the the Sierra Club to block Trump from using funds not authorized by Congress to build the wall.

“The administration recently provided updated information to Congress on the status of its efforts as of April 30, 2019,” the attorney, Douglas Letter, said in a court filing. “Based on that updated information, it appears that CBP has now constructed 1.7 miles of fencing with its fiscal year 2018 funding.”

That was 3/4 of a mile more than the administration reported at the end of February, Letter said.

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam had asked for the information at a May 17 hearing.

Representatives of Customs and Border Protection didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment after regular business hours.

And, it will only end up costing about $2 Trillion! What. A. Deal!

Perrin was Busy – TPC’s Special Guest Column on National Affairs


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Special Guest Column on National Affairs

Your C.F. Floyd Writer of National Affairs took a few days off, necessary for his travels to Nebraska and the inaugural “Fuel Truck Solution to Political Problems” conference and chemistry lab. The author of today’s article is none other than that internationally-renowned observer and prognosticator of societal critique, dashing darling of the behance fashionables, Mr. Honk Honkler.*
Greetings, friends of the inglorious Alabama lowcountry. As an impertinence, I once visited Dothan. A fine town, if that’s what you’re still calling it. My name is Honk Honkler and I am honored to fill this nugatory role for your reading rancor. I’m a really big fan of The Fremont Prodigals. For the opportunity, many thanks to Mr. N.D. MaLart and Perret Lobell, good friends whom I have known since last Thursday. My “regular” job, you didn’t ask? I play the role of Virgil, guiding those whom I may through the inferno of Clownworld. Come along, now, our journey begins. *Honk, Honk*
It Almost Always Starts with a Ship
These wars for money, that is. Think about it (if that’s possible). The Star of the West. The U.S.S. Maine. The Lusitania, U.S.S. Arizona, The Maddox. U.S.S. Liberty (Oops! DO NOT think about that one!). U.S.S. Stark. Et cetera. Et cetera. Now, today, thanks to John “It’s okay to lie about war” Bolton, the current et cetera is the U.S.S. Abe Lincoln, CVN-72.
As part of routine commercial banking enrichment operations, the 100,000-ton floating target has navigated to the Persian Gulf and into the sights of Russian, Chinese, and/or Iranian ASMs. The neocons aren’t even bothering to disclose the underlying lie this time. Whatever it is, rest assured it’s important – something about the free world or your children or protecting our nebulous interests or allies. Iran is a threat to something or someone, somewhere. Hezbollah. Uranium. Cakewalk. Ilhan Omar. For sure, no Amerikan sons or daughters will be imperiled by the Imperial imperative.
*Honk, Honk*
(Picture from the office of H. Honkler).
From Border Security to Boarder Security
In 2016, out of respect for and in celebration of the virtues of voluntary democratic slavery, the wise people of toponymic Columbia elected Donald “Art of Grab ‘Em by You’re Fired” Trump as Supreme Leader. Part of his pitch – the primary overhand lob – was securing America’s porous border with the Estados Unidos Mexicanos. He said something about a wall or bollards or some traffic cones. Someone was going to pay for it.


Mitch McConnell is a Tyrant


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The people simply don’t want, don’t deserve, and will not have any freedom. Forget the invasion, the economic hurricane, and everything else; “children” smoking is still a crisis. You are sooooolucky to have this Congress ready to act.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday introduced a bill to raise the federal age for purchasing tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21, increasing the chances that Congress will clear a significant smoking-related bill for the first time since a major tobacco control law was enacted a decade ago.

The bill comes amid growing concerns about the youth use of e-cigarettes, which reached record levels in 2018. That marked a troubling reversal of declines in smoking traditional cigarettes.

Those worrisome trends prompted McConnell to introduce the bill, despite the important role that tobacco farming plays in the economy of his home state Kentucky, he said in a Senate floor speech Monday.

Shit, yeah. That’s the best fix this side of an election!

Of course, Mitch and the GOP are on board.

Of course, there’s bipartisan support.

Of course, corporate tobacco is in favor.

Of course, busybodies are concerned.

Of course, the stupid American people don’t care.

Of course, 21 is the natural age of majority.

Of course, the pols lied to “underage” servicemen.

Of course, that makes these people potential war criminals…

[They already do this with alcohol]: If a “boy” can enlist and go to war at 18, but not be considered an “adult” for another three years, then what does that mean? It means the US Empire sends children to war. Under the Geneva Convention, that’s a war crime.

If you voted, in any way, for any of this, maybe you’re complicit and should be tried too – maybe under Nuremberg protocols. After all, the polidiots were just following your orders.

Ron Paul on the Three Crimes


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Delineated in the Constitution: piracy, counterfeiting, and treason. VAWA is, as Dr. Paul notes, utterly illegal (as are most of the Empire’s “laws”).

Another great example is the Violence Against Women Act. Passed in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act provides federal grants to, and imposes federal mandates on, state and local governments with the goal of increasing arrests, prosecutions, and convictions of those who commit domestic violence.

Like most federal laws, the Violence Against Women Act is unconstitutional. The Constitution limits federal jurisdiction to three crimes: counterfeiting, treason, and piracy. All other crimes — including domestic violence — are strictly state and local matters.

Not that the Constitution matters, at all, anymore. But, where have we read about these three “real” crimes before?


Return with Me to Middle Earth — Mere Inkling



Rob Stroud offers excellent thoughts on a new Tolkien TeeVee series, with or without Peter Jackson. Either way, as with all things “screens,” I think I’m out. 

J.R.R. Tolkien’s tales of Middle Earth will once more be displayed in all of their digital radiance when a new series begins in two years. Yes, I said “series,” because it will not be coming to theaters. Instead it will be developed for subscribers to Amazon’s subscription service. Some fans of Tolkien are understandably wary. […]

via Return with Me to Middle Earth — Mere Inkling

Virtually the Same Police…


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…who arrested Tommy Robinson for filming with his phone … stand idly by as incompatible primitives lob bricks and rocks at Tommy and his legacy British followers. Read that linked article and make sure to watch the video (which has been up on the socials for hours, all day – no need to dredge the dark web for this one).

Unhinged “protesters” with the Muslim Defence League attacked Tommy Robinson and his supporters with bricks, bottles and eggs during a campaign event in Oldham on Saturday.

The violent attack was captured on video by multiple people — and livestreamed on Facebook by the MDL themselves.

Sounds like they need a Natives Defense League. Oh, wait, already forming up in Eastern Europe. May it spread and rapidly. Otherwise, this and similar future events will keep boosting the already historically high number of Islamic terror attacks in Europe.

A new report by CSIS, a national security think tank, has found that Islamic terror attacks in Europe increased by 725 percent between 2007 and 2017.

This figure, which includes both successful and unsuccessful attacks, once again highlights the fact that Islamic extremism is by far the biggest terror threat to the west.

B-b-b-but the Christchurch false flag!

Seriously, Doctor Martel, we need you in the O.R., stat.