SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police


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Out today and I just delved into my copy. Review forthcoming.

Read this book:

SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police


Vox Day/Castalia House/Amazon.

If you’re into this sort of thing, it’s the best selling political philosophy book out there – the second law of SJWs explained.

Just breezed through Ivan Throne’s powerful forward and the hilarious yet chilling chapter one.

Every intelligent adult in America should read this book. I was going to say “every straight white man in America” but even the others need it – because anyone can become a target in the culture war. For my fellow SWMs: read it and heed it.

More on this later.

PS: If you’re following the Las Vegas shooting, particularly if you’re in lockstep behind the official government/media narrative, know that that just changed, significantly. Immediately change what you think and say about it or the SJWs will call you a crazy conspiracy theorist or worse.


If You Like Your Money, the Insurance Companies can Keep Your Money


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Courtesy of ObamaCare, here come a new round of double-digit premium increases:

Obamacare plan premiums may increase an average of 45 percent in Florida next year due to health care insurers rate hike requests, according to Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

There are six insurers in Florida selling plans on and off the exchanges in 2018 including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Celtic Insurance Company, Florida Health Care Plan, Health First Commercial Plans, Health Options, and Molina Healthcare of Florida.

Molina Healthcare requested the highest rate increase of 71.2 percent. Individuals with this coverage can expect their monthly premium to increase from $402 to $688.


“Consumers enrolled in a silver on-exchange plan that do not receive a premium subsidy will have the option of purchasing a similar off-exchange silver plan without this extra cost,” the office said. “Plans other than the on-exchange silver plans will increase an average of 18 percent.”

“In 2013, an unsubsidized plan comparable to an existing silver plan would cost a family of four an average of $7,200,” the report states. “In 2018, the average unsubsidized cost for the same family totals $17,000.”


Dave Granlund.

Thank God the GOP is on the case. Give them another eight years. Or 80. Never.

Blue Tarp Village: My Recollection of the Great Dunwoody Tornado of 1998

Running short on energy and material this evening I recalled the following. It’s one of those Perrin Time Machine bits – though it never got the traction last year. Let’s see how it does now. PSA: my strategy of going to sleep isn’t proper tornado survival for the masses. Take cover or something.


Yesterday I wrote a commissioned piece about surviving tornadoes. I suppose it will get published this week or next – no link as of yet. I survived a tornado and I briefly included my experience in the story. Here, in greater detail, is what I remember.

It was the late evening of Wednesday, April 8, 1998. I lived in Dunwoody, just outside Atlanta. I was returning from a date with a pretty girl in neighboring Gwinnett County. I was rather happy, blissful even, otherwise I might have heeded the weather. There was nothing wrong per se but I should have noticed the strange signs of a storm approaching.

The sky as I recall was an electric neon color. The night sky in any big city has an artificial glow but this one was different. There was an odd pink/purple hazy too it. There was also a strange, near ominous feeling…

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Sigar Saturday



I just realized that, about a month ago, I promised that a new cigar review was coming soon. It is, depending on the definition of “soon” …

Heck, I’ll go ahead and promise a double review – and with more than two cigars. The moon, if you will. …….. You will.

And, so this post isn’t a complete waste, I give you a few pics:

IMG_20170909_204316793 - Edited


You may remember the above lovely from last year. It’s back and it brought a friend or two:

IMG_20171007_195957578_HDR - Edited.jpg


More later. Busy now.

On Conspiracy Theories


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The late unpleasantness in Las Vegas has the media and the people in a tizzy. Not much is known at this point, especially about the shooter’s motive(s). There is an evolving official narrative. And speculation abounds.

Of course, when anything like this happens, it spawns conspiracy theories. Some are so far-fetched as to defy imagination, literally sounding like bad science fiction. Yet others represent critical thinking, seemingly a dying art in America.

I’ve heard a little condemnation of the whole label of “conspiracy theory.” It’s like some want to only believe the official narrative repeated by the media and asserted by the government. There are several problems with this.

One: how, without a full investigation, can anyone claim to know much beyond the plainly obvious (i.e., that shots were fired at a mass of people in Las Vegas)?

Two, the government and their media pets have a horrible, centuries-old record of … misleading us. I’ll leave it at that.

And, three, the government itself loves a good conspiracy theory. The feds alone bring 4,000-5,000 conspiracy theory cases in court every year. They have a law for it, 18 U.S. Code § 371, (well, one specific, and maybe a dozen attendant acts).

If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

If, however, the offense, the commission of which is the object of the conspiracy, is a misdemeanor only, the punishment for such conspiracy shall not exceed the maximum punishment provided for such misdemeanor.

They use this law as an extra hammer in order to extort more guilty pleas. It works.


If the feds charge Marilou Whatshername in connection with the LV shooting, rest assured they’ll charge her with a “conspiracy.” Any outside the box thoughts you might have are pure nuttery.

The same outfit that will criticize your sanity and your questioning of their stories – like even suggesting that the LV shooter might not have acted alone, that he, say, could have conspired with ISIS (who keeps claiming as much) – is the same crowd who will ask you to believe that any number of common criminals engaged in the same sort of outside conspiracy. Do as we say, not as we do.

Keep up the critical thinking if you can. Otherwise, keep the TeeVee warmed up.

70% Fear Rise of the Robots


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The other 30% are either asleep or actively colluding with the mechanical menace.

A war is coming, like it or not. For once it won’t be humanity vs. humanity. Our new opponents are cold, heartless killing machines. Today they masquerade as laptops, ATMs, Google cars, smart toasters, and Walmart scooters. Tomorrow they’ll come knocking – and they will not be asking for Sarah Conner (unless that’s your name).

People are right to fear the rise.

More than 70% of US fears robots taking over our lives, survey finds

It should just read “taking our lives…” Close enough.

Silicon Valley celebrates artificial intelligence and robotics as fields that have the power to improve people’s lives, through inventions like driverless cars and robot carers for the elderly.

That message isn’t getting through to the rest of the country, where more than 70% of Americans express wariness or concern about a world where machines perform many of the tasks done by humans, according to Pew Research.

The findings have wide-reaching implications for technology companies working in these fields and indicates the need for greater public hand-holding.

“Ordinary Americans are very wary and concerned about the growing trend in automation and place a lot of value in human decision-making,” said Aaron Smith, the author of the research, which surveyed more than 4,000 US adults. “They are not incredibly excited about machines taking over those responsibilities.”

The Guardian’s picture says it all:

4048 (1)

Evil sadistic robot terrorizes helpless elderly woman.  Laura Lezza/Getty.

One can plainly see two things, here: One, the poor woman is scared to death. (And she should be). The second thing is that the bot obviously wants to kill her. Perhaps someone should go check and make sure there wasn’t a termination after the photo session ended.

This could be your mother or grandmother. Tomorrow it may be you.

Sic Semper Machinis!

Georgia Sheriff Indicted for Violating Student’s Rights


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Last month I noted that Worth County, Georgia Sheriff Jeff Hobby made a hobby of violating civil rights and committing sexual assaults at the local high school.

The kids, almost all of them – some 900, at Worth County (government) High School in Sylvester, Worth County, Georgia found out about the tyranny the hard way. One bright day they were ALL summoned into the hallways and strip-searched, many sexually assaulted. This warrantless and baseless intrusion was the work of Sheriff Jeff Hobby whose hobby seems to be violating civil rights.

The illegal search, unannounced to school officials, was loosely based on the unsubstantiated suspicion that three (3) of the 900 students MAY have been involved with narcotics. So, rather than investigate those three, Hobby and his gang of statist enforcers attacked all the children. No drugs or other problems were found.

Hobby was already a named defendant in a federal civil suit. Now, he is formally accused of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and violating his oath of office.

The Worth County indictment accuses Hobby of one count of violating his oath of office and two counts of false imprisonment — all felonies charges. He was also indicted on one count of sexual battery, a misdemeanor.

Hobby’s attorney Norman Crowe Jr. said the sheriff was at the school, but did not search students. He said jurors at trial will get to hear the sheriff’s side of the story.

“The sheriff’s position is that he’s not guilty,” Crowe said. “He’s committed no crime.”

Deputy Tyler Turner was indicted on one felony count of violation of his oath of office and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery. Deputy Deidra Whiddon was indicted for one felony count of violation of her oath of office.


I’m going where now? AJC/WALB.

A little justice perhaps.

Birth of a Nation: Catalonia Prepares for Independence


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Catalans prepares for freedom.

Spain prepares for war.

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

In his first interview since a disputed vote on Sunday, Carles Puigdemont said his government would “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next”.

Meanwhile, Spain’s King Felipe VI said the vote’s organisers had put themselves “outside the law”.

He said the situation in Spain was “extremely serious”, calling for unity.

Tensions between Spain and the north-eastern Catalonia region continue to mount, days after the vote was marred by violence involving national police.

The Spanish High Court said it had begun an investigation into key Catalan figures on Wednesday on suspicion of sedition – inciting rebellion against the state – including the head of Catalonia’s regional police.

The troops mobilize:

Defense Tuesday ordered the sending of the Army to Catalonia with material and to provide logistical support to the Civil Guard and the National Police. [Translated].

Channeling his inner T-Rex or Abe Lincoln, King Felipe says Catalans “have broken the democratic principles of the rule of law.”

So, according to the monarchist, globalist statists, engaging in democracy is now considered braking democracy. And we pay these people…

It’s also refreshing to see that a government that won’t send a single soldier to halt an invasion from Africa will happily send the army to stop tax protesters.


Democratically suppressing democracy. BBC.

I stand ready to welcome and acknowledge the Catalan Republic.

By the way, this is the beginning of a trend – probably coming to a country near you. Results may vary.

First Law in Canada: Known Wolf (from The Last Refuge)


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Maybe it’s time at last for a national discussion on immigration and “refugees.” Time for common sense controls – maybe even outright bans. The average citizen just doesn’t need terrorists like this. Only the police and military can handle them. You can’t even hunt with one…

Read the following from Sundance:

Oh my. This is awkward. The Somali terrorist who carried out the attack in Edmonton Canada, injuring five people, was originally in the U.S. and evaded deportation by seeking refugee status in Canada. EDMONTON, Alberta (Reuters) – The Somali immigrant charged with attempted murder in connection with a weekend vehicle and knife attack in Edmonton, […]

via “Known Wolf” – Canadian Somali Terrorist Was U.S. Deportee Who Fled to Canada… — The Last Refuge

SJW Seeks “One Logical or Practical Reason” for Guns


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Not that he would understand either logic or practicality.

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas the Amerikan Sovinformburo has swung into high gear. Ban the guns! (Ban the private guns – government guns, as everyone knows, have never killed anyone. Trust us.)

An example: the local fish wrapper in Tampa ran a panic editorial piece yesterday: Las Vegas massacre cries out for response.

Paddock reportedly had 19 rifles with him at the hotel. Experts said the rapid gunfire sounded as though it came from automatic weapons, which are heavily regulated, or from semi-automatic weapons altered to keep firing with one squeeze of the trigger. Law-abiding citizens have no need to carry such firepower, and magazines that hold 30 rounds or more only make it easier to take more innocent lives.

The death tolls in these mass shootings are escalating at a rapid pace in recent years, and they are occurring in places that are part of the natural fabric of life. A movie theater. An elementary school. A university campus. A nightclub. Now an outdoor country concert attended by more than 20,000 people. There are again remarkable stories of heroic efforts by first responders and by citizens helping the injured and guiding the terrified to safety. But this time, there is no talk of how more guns could have saved lives.

The issues Congress should address are well-known: Ban assault-style rifles and limit the size of magazines. Expand background checks on guns purchased in so-called private sales, such as gun shows and over the Internet. Make it more difficult for people with mental health issues to buy guns. Flag anyone attempting to purchase a gun who is or has been under investigation for terrorism by any federal agency.

Hear that? You have no need for assault weapons. A propaganda organ newspaper says so. No need. And contrary to the experience of more than a few of you using larger magazines to fight off multiple attackers, those mags are only good for taking innocent lives. (Makes one wonder why even the government needs them, then.)

They may (or may not) finally have the angry white male shooter of their dreams. And, they may be correct that guns on the ground would not have made any positive difference – at least not the variety normally toted CCW. One size fits all, based on this (and only this) case.

No mention of the TN church shooting stopped by a good guy with a gun. Certainly no mention of who and what the shooter there was. No mention period. Like it never even happened. The other 1-2 million firearm defenses each year don’t happen either.

And they kind of slipped, I think, by throwing in the other recent high-profile shootings: those committed by ISIS soldiers, immigrants, and MK-Ultra descendant patients. No mind. Never let the truth get in the way of good communism.

And, for Gawd’s sake, never mention the 488 shooting murders in Chicago during the first nine months of this year alone – nor the 1,000’s of attendant non-lethal but illegal shootings. No Chicago. No Baltimore. No Atlanta. No LA. No Miami. Nor any of the other rapidly deteriorating third world ghettos. Those lives must not matter. Those gun laws certainly did not work. The possibility that something other than the inanimate guns themselves might cause the evil must never be consider or even mentioned.

We know three things about SJW types:

1) They always lie;

2) They always double down; and

3) They always project.

Here’s the prelude to a living example: “Brutus813” (likely not a real name) wrote the following comment on the Tampa editorial:

Ok with all due respect here. To the people who don’t think banning Semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines is a good idea please give me one logical or practical reason for anyone other than police or military to have them. You can’t use them for hunting so that’s a no. I am not against people owning handguns for self protection and grew up in a hunting community so even though I don’t hunt I am fine with the true hunters owning their hunting rifles. Just one good reason for semi-automatic(which can be converted to automatic) and large capacity mags please.


Tampa Bay Times.

They lie: “Brutus” effectively says what they all say: “you don’t need guns.” A lie demonstrated by 1,000,000+ logical reasons. I’ll give him his one in a moment.

They double down: Nationwide they’ve reached the Nth degree of downs. In his one paragraph alone Brutus gives us: “other than police or military” and “can’t use them” – a lie and a doubling down within consecutive sentences. Impressive.

They project: These people are unstable. Deep down inside they know that they should never be trusted with guns – not personally nor through their beloved government agents. They’re the type of people who ultimately beget gulags, concentration camps, and killing fields. To sooth themselves psychologically, they project their dangerous deviance onto everyone else.

One logical or practical reason for anyone other than police or military to have them? Because the police and military have them. You’re welcome. With all due respect here.

There is that remote, yet possible chance that a government goes rogue. It happens every now and then. The police and military have been known throughout recent history to load unarmed citizens onto box cars and murder them. Little things like that. If it got bad enough even our government might someday: regulate everything under the sun; tax people’s’ incomes; steal property; send American kids off to war for profits; bomb foreign kids for profit; ban the possession of “short” lobsters – whatever the hell those are; destroy the healthcare industry; turn Congressionally mandated monetary policy over to a private corporation; facilitate the wholesale invasion of the USA, or; even stage false flags events just to ban guns or justify more war profiteering. It’s crazy, I know. But it could happen; they could become tyrannical. Knowing that I’d rather keep the martial odds at least nominally equal.

Mind you there is no interest in logic or practical application or respect with the anti-freedom crowd. No notion of history. No regard for liberty, responsibility, or real safety. And they have no consistency either.

The Times talks about people on terror watch lists. Yet these same kinds are prone to sue to halt bans, however minor, on the importation of terrorists. When any non-white, male, dream terrorist commits a crime, they immediately tell us that the event is in no way representative of the larger community (usually Muslim). They may be right. Why then, do they immediately assign blame for any narrative-conforming attack to all gun owners and freedom lovers? Bigot much?

A few of these folks are decent people – people who actually want to solve real problems. That’s good as we have more than a few of those issues around us. The rest of them literally have mental deficiencies which go beyond mere functional mid-wittery. Cut into their heads or run a CT scan and one finds their brains are actually deformed physically. They may deserve sympathy and even help. They do not deserve to dictate terms.

That’s logical and practical.