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GG was recently given an award by the IAC for her work bridging the American and Israeli nations and peoples. In her acceptance speech, she did the GG thing, imparting sweet, kind words of optimism. It’s most understandable that not wanting to become a pariah or worse, she avoided certain more difficult subjects. Most of the world avoids them, even as reality plows ahead, heedless of any avoidance. The ME has changed, and Israel runs the risk, the very real risk, of collapsing under its own internal issues.

Israel’s problem, since its founding, are the two distinct groups that it attempted to unite under the roof of Zionism. The more secular and liberal European Ashkenazi have mostly led the country while the Middle Eastern Mizrahim and Ultra orthodox Haredim played a side role. But they have the higher birthrate and are on their way to become the majority. The aims these different groups have are incompatible and feed a permanent conflict:

For decades, the Ashkenazi leadership assumed the religious right, especially the Mizrahim and Haredim, would accept their inferior status in Israel’s Jewish hierarchy so long as they were bought off with privileges over the Palestinians.
But the religious right is now greedy for more than the right to oppress Palestinians. They want the right to shape Israel’s Jewish character too.

The religious fervor the Ashkenazi establishment hoped to weaponize against the Palestinians, especially through the settlement enterprise, has come back to bite it. A monster has been created that increasingly cannot be tamed – even by Netanyahu.

The new Middle East has now only one entity that is swimming against new the Zeitgeist current. That entity is disunited and unable to decide on anything. There is no one on the Israeli side with whom China, or anyone else, could make a deal over Palestine that would stick.

Should the Mizrahim and Haredim win, which they likely eventual will, the more secular Ashkenazi may even start to leave. Israel’s capabilities would leave with them. A reabsorption of a less capable and rich Israel into a wider Middle East might then become possible.

Any future peace and prosperity, if it is real and it lasts, must include prosperity and freedom for the oppressed Palestinians. Otherwise, Israel will not in any way endure. And the Jews must and will (somehow, for better or worse) sort out their internal differences. As the author(s) suggest, this sorting should eventually be beneficial for the greater regional population.

What is unsaid, aside from the mention of Ashkenazis leaving, is the literal cold war between the Israelis and the global Diaspora. Here, GG may be thought of as a peace-making link between both groups, trying to look out for the best interests of all involved. Yet she is not in charge of either group and has about as much influence over them as I do. The American project is finished. The Great Leap  has failed. New Israel has failed. Post-WW2 occupation Israel is failing. Clown World is failing. For once in forever, wouldn’t it be grand if the powers that won’t let well enough alone took a page from the Karaite playbook and “just stopped”? Odds are, they won’t yet. Therefore, in turn – which is now, Israelis will confront their self-imposed problems, willingly or not.

Multiple turnings are upon the world. Turmoil, peace, and anticipation will reign as the great Spiritual War continues, as ever, until the End. Kindly consult reality, history, and the words of a certain Carpenter for the real true behind these matters. Kindly disregard everything said by the Clowns, their media, and their fat, retarded churchian cheerleaders. If it helps, let’s have a little more GG, and a lot less Bibi.