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If it has one, then it may very well ride on the shoulders of FN’s (RN’s?) Marine la Pen’s 28-yo successor, Jordan Bardella.

I think that conservatism does not correspond well with the French. It is not a term that is used in the French public debate or by French intellectuals. However, we defend the aspiration to sovereignty, and I think that we appear today as the guardians of the limits in the face of a wild, unbridled, unlimited, ultra-liberal globalization, in the face of the loss of our identity due to demographics evolving with the successive waves of migration as well as to the questioning of the bases upon which our society was founded, the woke ideology and the cancel culture, which I wanted to discuss precisely at CPAC.

While it might be better to have someone 100% French and not Italia-Algerian, the time for political solutions is closing. 2027 will probably be the last chance. And, given that the French people and their military are already shifting into combat mode, it may all be moot anyway.

France will lead the nations of Europe out of Clown World’s nightmare, one way or the other. Viva la France!