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The destruction of the munitions depot in Khmelnitsky is producing literal fallout over parts of NATO-controlled Europe.

The senior official revealed the purported threat during a government meeting on Friday, in which he accused the US of manipulating its allies to provide “help” to other nations that results in harm being done to the recipients.

“They ‘helped’ Ukraine this way too, applied pressure to its satellites to supply depleted uranium munitions. Their destruction resulted in a radioactive cloud moving towards Western Europe. They have detected an increase in radiation in Poland,” Patrushev stated.

The empire of lies made great use of DU rounds against populations it deemed unworthy of “free and democratic” existence – see Iraq and Serbia. Such was the intention regarding Russians in Donbass. The MOD openly warned the UK not to risk mass radioactive and heavy metal poisoning in the SMO. Now the Ukies, the Poles, and soon probably the Germans and maybe more understand why.