Don’t take my word for it. Another new review came in for THE SUBSTITUTE. Says the lovely, intelligent Lynne Neal:

New hero!

Tom Ironsides is a new hero…a man’s man…politically-incorrect…highly intelligent…multi-talented.

As he takes on the failed public school system, the reader lives through a school year with him, his family, his romantic escapades, and winds up cheering him on as Tom implements his ideas for a completely different type of education, built upon classical studies.

Flashbacks to Tom’s time in service to the empire provide more excitement and inspiration from our hero.

Excellent novel. MOST enjoyable! I’m ready for the follow-up!

This may be the best, most succinct summary of the novel yet. Many thanks to Lynne! And don’t just take her word for it. Snag a copy yourself (or, better yet, 10).