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LRC has an interesting piece on Wokedom.

When people complain about woke culture, they usually think about universities. They are sick of fake courses, demands for diversity, constant complaints of oppression, and the like. What we need to realize is that the situation is much worse than that. Woke culture in universities is just one part of an insidious plot to make our entire society woke.

Yes, academia, the government-backed corporations, the media, the government, and its queer military are gone. Avoid enemy territory whenever possible. Build your own, etc. Just know that all of this goes far beyond the “woke” agenda, which I’m coming to suspect is yet another diversion. It’s not just commies, Marxist (who never read Marx), homos, savages, feminism, and the like. It’s the rainbowed outer skin of the satanic world disorder. It’s not just stupid, it’s evil. This is a major flareup in the ongoing spiritual war. Wake up to that reality.