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…the Russians will. Read about a continuing program, in Russia, to preserve a remnant of Western European Civilization.

“I think that Russia’s mission is to preserve European culture, and not let it die. Russia is not only an inheritor of Europe’s great culture, but, maybe, today it is its only and main champion,” he said in a video address to the participants of a roundtable meeting at the Russian State Duma (Parliament House) dedicated to the establishment of the public movement – “Russia’s Cultural Front”.

The prominent director noted that he supports the idea of such a Movement and is set to join it: “Russia will be carrying the flag of European civilization for the world.”

Vladimir Putin has mentioned this sentiment, usually with a spirit of one-sided friendship, several times over the past year. The terrible irony is that from Poland to Germany to England to the USSA, one moron after another keeps insisting Russia is the enemy. They so insist while tearing down any and all semblance of what they’re ancestors built and while trying hard in many cases to replace their own peoples with outsiders. The only noticeable outside crowd that cares? Russians.

Europe will free and rebuild itself. And one suspected longer-term goal of Russia’s SMO+ is to eventually help with that. With friends like these, Europe should be grateful.