Christianity reportedly falters in Alabama as elsewhere.

Dwindling attendance by an increasingly elderly congregation at a historic Alabama church has prompted the difficult decision to close its doors for good, with the final worship service held this Sunday after 182 years.

There is a certain sadness,” said Sharon Eich, lay pastor of Five Mile Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. She said the congregation “has been such a beacon to the community for so long,” al.com reported Friday.

Maybe it’s unrelated to the general decline. Maybe it’s MR. Sharon the lay pastor. Maybe Mrs./Ms. Sharon was the last lay person standing. Maybe a long series of tragedies prevented the now 80-year-old congregants from keeping children and grandchildren in the church. A lot of maybes, but a conclusive conclusion.

Outside of TLM Sede Catholics, some Orthodox churches, and a few “primitive” Evangelical denominations, it’s either this story or wokedom come.

‘Murica needs a Revival.