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Vox has some interesting commentary on a recent article about the steady, obvious decline of urban areas and city life.

While Hoyt has finally come to terms, more or less, with the fact that she is not an American despite her acceptance of many American ideals, apparently it is still too emotionally painful to point out that the reason for the death of the cities is that white people, particularly white Americans, do not wish to live around black people or under immigrant rule.

And these days, living in a major city requires both.

She correctly notes that the major cities are now unliveable, but the reasons that she provides are merely consequences of the real reasons. Detroit was 91 percent white in 1940, with a population of 1,623,452. In 2020, the city was 11 percent white, with a population of 639,111. This demographic change is not the result of “crime, malfeasance, and bureaucratic hatred”, but rather the cause of it.

That same process is already taking place in the suburbs and smaller cities. The problem is that in the USA, Europe, and Australia, there is nowhere else to go. And once there is nowhere further for whites to retreat, the empire will collapse in violence, if it has not already for other reasons.

“Get out of the cities” is still, for now, good advice. But, sooner than many expect, the problems will plight formerly pleasant areas too. At some point, turning and fighting will be the only option. Yes, the US alone is enormous and offers many remote places where one could ride out the rest of whatever and never even know what happened. But that would require a substantial tradeoff most won’t even consider. Here’s to one day making civilization civilized again.