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Then thank Joe Wilson (R-Israel) and his gang of 18 (D/R – Israel).

Marvel at H.Res. 322. There’s a good breakdown at The Duran.

And what timing! The pathetic drone attack on the Kremlin did not appear to really rile Putin or the MOD. Yet, more than a few intelligent observers think this is the trigger that will push this thing to the next level (Bye-bye, Lil’ Ze). Read what M. K. Bhadrakumar wrote the other day.

Read that, and I may (or may not) comment further in next week’s column. Quick take: HR 322 is mostly irrelevant as are all things political. Still a stupid, evil idea. War? Not fully hot, yet. When or if it does … Maybe more next week. The Russians will continue to win their way. The USSA will continue to lose its way. There are some charts, trends, and TOE matters to look at. Etc.

Have a great weekend.

*Hello new readers. Glad you’re along for the madness. As ever, quality will improve tomorrow.