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Gonzalo Lira was arrested again by the SBU Ukranazis a day ago. Let’s hope this is just another case of the traditional spring temporary detainment of Coach Red Pill. Something tells me it is not, however.

The SBU has also accused him of denying the facts of Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian cities and the mass killings of civilians by the invading forces.

During a search of his possessions, law enforcement officials found mobile phones and a computer that contained evidence of his illegal activity.

He has been remanded in custody by the court, and the investigation is ongoing.

As Gonzalo is a dual US citizen, I’m sure Tony Blinken (like a kitchen roach when the lights come on) and his team are hard at work to free Gonzalo the way they would a drugged-out lesbian basketball star.

A queer, made for TV video of the raid and arrest is available here. As NATO only has PR stunts and terrorism left in its dwindling bag of tricks, both are strong in this case.

Remember this episode the next time “Joe Biden”, Joe Wilson, or some other political Joe babbles about muh free press, muh free speech, or muh democracy. Prayers for Gonzalo, his family and friends, and all who appreciated his timely, unbiased, and high risk reporting.