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A concise afterthought summary of Douglas Murray’s recent piece might as well be, “should have listened to Enoch Powell!”

The more I look at the UK, the more it seems to me to have changed utterly. Is all of that change bad? No. But is all of it good? Definitely not. There remain pockets of the country that are recognisable, but the idea that we any longer have a coherent country, with a coherent set of values, ideas or beliefs, disappeared years ago. We are a collection of communities. Buy your way into one of the richer ones and you can still have a wonderful life – even a recognisable one. Fail to get your crampons into that and you will have to live in the confused mêlée that a generation of politicians has cast you into.

That’s the UK, not the USSA. As I keep telling my English friends, now, yesterday even is the time for emergency military action. Maybe they can convince their German King to do it to save the climate or something. If not, there is no guarantee we’ll always have England.

UPDATE: Vox Day posted an epic thought regarding the coronation:

The only way the coronation could have gone well is if Charles had accepted the crown, then personally executed that satanic Archbishop of Canterbury, whose pretense to Christian authority has been openly rejected by the greater part of the global Anglican Church, with the Sword of State. After which, he would have declared English sovereignty and ordered the deportation of Rishi Sunak and all the other fake English grandees present.

I too was surprised none of that happened.