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This guy gets it. Stew Peters gets it. Ron and his fellow Fler-i-duh GOP cucks are anti-free speech, anti-American, anti-Christian, and pro-satanism. Great everyone is noticing. I noticed when Ronny flew to Occupied Palestine the first time, four years ago, to sign a similar illegal law. (Entirety at TPC).

The crazy thing here, is that all this kneeling down was probably done sua sponte. Jerusalem Post editor: “Huh? Who’s here to do what, now? Really! That’s just embarrassing. Someone elected this fool?”

And, for what? The law will not survive a court challenge (one has already been filed). Even as state after state passes law after law like this, they are quickly struck down. Texas is the latest example. A federal judge enjoined enforcement of a similar Texas measure designed to stifle public discourse, writing, “This the First Amendment does not allow.”

Why the rush, nation-wide, to abridge the freedoms of American citizens for the alleged benefit of foreigners? And, why is it always, always for the benefit of the one party? No state passes laws to discourage anti-Messianism. I know of no prohibition against Europhobia. And, those might be of benefit to Americans.

Once again, it’s here today, or elsewhere in a few years. Go VOAT or something!