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The Right Direction(s)


What a whirlwind! Due to circumstances, this one will be a little shorter than usual. I have just physically returned from my first venture away from the swamp in about 1,000 years. As a pseudo-hermit and curmudgeon I fancy not liking public interaction. Ironically, once out and about the old Possum generally has the best time. Maybe a little too good. Maybe. 

I’d like to publicly thank Don Livingston, Brion McClanahan, and the whole gang at the Abbeville Institute for an incredible gathering. Happy 20th anniversary! This will all take a second to digest, but it has left me with great optimism. 

Along with some recent reading, the entire confab imparted the overall sense that things like Southern nationalism, Christianity, realism, and sanity are still in vogue. None of us can predict where this decade goes with complete accuracy, but I do believe we might be on the right road. I’ll try to elaborate a little more as I readjust to normalcy. There are still some issues to work out or through. Our people, in general, have some decent perspectives about what’s what and where things are headed. We’ll get there. In. Due. Time.

It was amazing to meet some younger people who are awake rather than “woke”. Some great questions were asked, and some substantial answers given. You younger men keep powering through. Us oldsters will do whatever we can to help make your future work!

One may look around the Institute’s previous lectures and more HERE. I don’t think the 2023 rounds are up yet so please check back frequently.

How refreshing it was to take a short break from the usual news-unworthy madness. Any exciting new hoaxes and idiocies while I was away? To stoke a half-rant, I’ll pick just one to look at. 

Let’s see…

Here we go! Churchians Cuck on Tranny Gun Control! In the wake of the lgbtP attack on Christians last month, Brent Leatherbrain of the SBC’s ERLC (LMAO, GTFO!), is echoing Tennessee Governor Shill Lee’s (R-Israel) call for gun control. They might be using different words, but that’s what it amounts to. Tennessee has existed for 226 years. The State’s good people have been armed the whole time. The spectacle of queers murdering Christian children is relatively new, as new as the phenomenon of TN lieutenant governors named Randy (R-Israel) leaving randy comments of homo twerking social media pics. [LITERALLY writes itself, thanks]. So, of course, the sensible thing to do is ban guns. One suspects the retards in the legislature will do something moronic, especially the GOPers.

***IMPORTANT REMINDER!!!*** We have to VoAt rEpUbLiCaN or else the demoncrats will give us gun control, queer child-killers, and lustful comments of sodomite tik-tokiness.

Advice? Millstones. Millstones everywhere. And, for the love of children, homeschool.

Now, a few more items:

Dr. Ironsides is going to China! 你好,新读者和朋友。 如果书中的任何东西都是合法的帮助,那么我很高兴提供我所能提供的东西。 而且,如果老男孩足够有趣,那么如果需要的话,我们会翻译十亿份。 请准备好那些元。

Lynne and other fans (can’t believe I have those), thank you! You do realize there was a literal movie star standing just a few feet away, right? 

Cousins, it’s always a good time to gather.

MB, great to see you, man! When you stepped away for a second, I informed the crowd how lucky they were/are. (I also appropriated a cup of coffee).

Paul, please pardon the lack of biscuits and the … “stir”.

This one is much shorter than normal, yes. All I got, kids. In the coming weeks and months, I have some great books to review. And, we’re gonna have fiction, fiction, and more fiction. Stay tuned. God bless. And, 

Deo vindice!