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Ladies and Germs, your public “schools” in action again:

Before students left for spring break, Desert Hills Middle School in Kennewick hosted an assembly and fundraiser that featured a competition between students and staff. Two plexiglass panes were stationed in the middle of the gymnasium and each side of the glass had four spots of marshmallow cream. Students and staff then competed to lick it off the plexiglass, often with adult educators and their minor students licking their respective sides of the glass at once. Students in the crowd could be heard screaming, “ew,” “disgusting,” “that’s so gross,” and “what the heck?” One student yelled, “who thought that this was a good idea?”

To answer one student: probably a homo.

We may have found a near-future column topic – I’ll decide this weekend. Otherwise, it’s spelled h-o-m-e-s-c-h-o-o-l.

And, if you watch the video – gross alert.