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Note that large numbers of all US employees, especially in Gen Z, are sick and tired of their very low-paying and increasingly meaningless jobs.

This is very bad for companies. Low engagement is linked to higher job turnover and reduced profits; Gallup estimates it costs the global economy $7.8 trillion a year in lost productivity. It’s also bad for young workers. If they were simply stepping away from their jobs and finding fulfillment elsewhere, that might be OK. But it’s far deeper than that.

Oh, no! The poor corporations! Won’t someone think of the little corporations?! And what about the banks?!!!

Notice that among the list of things companies can do to “help”, one of them is not PAY PEOPLE MORE! You know, like the $300K per year it would take to live a lifestyle comparable to what the Boomers grew up with. Doing the right thing, of course, would cut into the financial looters cut. So…

This is just the beginning, kids! Keep giving 110% to people who obviously don’t care a wit about you.