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Read THIS short history of the Freemasons and Rothschilds running the USSA from the get-go.

Peyton’s brother William succeeded him as Virginia Lodge Grand Master and became the leading proponent of centralization and federalism at the First Constitutional Convention in 1787. The federalism at the heart of the US Constitution is identical to the federalism laid out in the Freemason’s Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723. William Randolph became the nation’s first Attorney General and Secretary of State under George Washington. His family returned to England loyal to the Crown. John Marshall, the nation’s first Supreme Court Justice, was also a Mason.

Read the whole thing. A handful of patriots, from TJ to AJ, tried to stop the beast. But the monster was and is relentless. It only answers to extreme force. Remember this the next time someone babbles on about muh Constitution, muh Republic, mug Enlightenment, or some other wicked nonsense.