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The two leading powers of Sovereign World deeper their relationship this week.

The Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era has been signed and released by Xi and Putin at Kremlin has been signed and released by Xi and Putin at Kremlin. On the Ukraine issue, the two sides stressed talks as solution to the crisis and called for respect for security concerns of all countries in resolving the crisis, the Xinhua News Agency reported. Russia said it is committed to resumption of peace talks as soon as possible.

The two presidents also signed a joint statement on the development planning for the key directions of China-Russia economic cooperation before 2030.

They’re setting up the new, good new world order, within the presumptive timeframe of the death of the old, evil one. Plowing ahead already.

Meanwhile, Russia sternly warns the former British Empire (NATO) that using depleted uranium against Russian tanks will be considered an act of nuclear war. Hey, NATO. Psst! Russia ain’t Serbia of Iraq, FYI.

Also, Russia released the names of the NATO homo heroes wanted for murder and war crimes from the fall of 2022. One would not want to be on that list.