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How many times have I rung a bell (curve) about this? How many times has Vox Day? Now even the clickbait MSM admits there is a terrible cognitive problem in ‘Murica. Cause ‘Muricans be gittin mo dumber.

This is what happens when you practically prohibit your more intelligent natives from reproducing while simultaneously importing hordes of low-IQ foreigners. A net loss of .4 IQ points per year adds up.

Things are dull enough, but they are going to get much, much worse. The USSA, or what remains of it, is headed for the world average IQ of 82. I read somewhere the other day that by 2075, the average White American IQ will be down to 85.

If you like your indoor plumbing … you’d better be ready to build and maintain it all by yourself.

UPDATE: I’m not kidding about the plumbing. Replacing competent men with affirmative action hires and deluded diversityites in engineering schools is a recipe for disaster.