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I just read that Leonard Leo has formed a new “conservative” clique in order to save America or something. Half a lifetime ago, I met Leo via his Federalist Society. It is my opinion he is a good man on a somewhat Quixotic mission. I wish him well, though I hold no hopes that any such organization can – or should – accomplish anything. Things have changed.

Recently, I interviewed Dr. Ironsides, who described the nefarious ways in which the GAE operates. Larry Johnson just posted an article by Alastair Crooke along the same lines. It’s well worth reading.

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Mattias Desmet, has explained that mass disorientation does not form in a vacuum. It arises, throughout history, from a collective psychosis that has followed a predictable script:

Just as with lockdown, governments have used behavioural psychology to instil fear and isolation to mass large groups of people into herds, where toxic sneering at any contrariness cold-shoulders all critical thinking or analysis. It is more comfortable being inside the herd, than out.

The dominant characteristic here is remaining loyal to the group – even when the policy is working badly and its consequences disturb the conscience of members. Loyalty to the group becomes the highest form of morality. That loyalty requires each member to avoid raising controversial issues, questioning weak arguments, or calling a halt to wishful thinking.

The ‘Groupthink’ allows some self-imagined reality to detach; to drift further and further from any connection to reality, and then to transit into delusion – always drawing on like-minded peer cheerleaders for its validation and extended radicalisation.

So, it’s ‘goodbye’ to traditional Intelligence! And ‘welcome’ to western Intelligence 101: Geo-Politics no longer revolves around a grasp on Reality. It is about the installation of ideological pseudo-realism – which is the universal installation of a singular groupthink, such that everyone lives passively by it, until it is far too late to change course.

Superficially, this may seem clever new psyops – even ‘cool’. It is not. It is dangerous. By deliberately working on deeply ingrained fears and trauma (i.e. the Great Patriotic War for Russians (WW2)), it awakens a type of multi-generational existential plight within the collective unconscious – that of total annihilation – which is a danger that America has never faced, and towards which there is zero American empathetic understanding.

It’s probably much too late now. Yet they keep rolling: Ukraine sez! Kiev is considering a furthering of the great word game by unilaterally renaming Russia “Muscovy”. The Russians are already having a field day making fun of the prospect. ‘Muricans probably wouldn’t even notice nor no what to think. Make of all this what one will.