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It is true that everything in Clown World is fake (and gay).


They’ve been meddling with the published works of deceased authors for a while now, going so far as to edit the Kindle copies people already purchased. Now, they’re doing it with and to living authors. Without permission too, if RL Stine is to be believed.


Karl D. explains the standards of the modern US universities. In summary: there are none.


Duda and Poland have indeed gone full retard, evidently proving that nation-states can succumb to Stockholm Syndrome. Get this! The Nord Stream bombing was good for the EU! Thank you, Mas’ Washington! May we have another? Sad…


Okay, this one is real, because it’s from Sovereign World: China mediates the restoration of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is huge, worldwide. In the ME it’s titanic.

The lords of CW are getting desperate. Thus, they’re going to slack up on Whites, Christians, and straight men. Don’t fall for it. Do not serve them. As Vox wrote the other day, “Let the clowns defend Clown World”.