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Here in our most exceptional ‘Murica, the banks are stronger than one could possibly imagine. Please ignore their collapse and the instantaneous deflation of $100 Billion in fake debt-based Monopoly “money”.

Tech executives, former government officials and at least two Democratic lawmakers called for safeguarding depositors with money at stake in the collapse if a buyer for the bank’s assets isn’t found by Monday, arguing that it’s the only way to limit a cascade of bigger problems.

It should be TFB, but we know some kind of welfare solution is in order, given the magnitude of the losses and the international extent of the calamity. Not that anything will work, but, hey. Just the other day I seem to recall Boomers, uppity imperial yankee veterans, and other assholes proclaiming stupidly that the fate of student loan borrowers was not their concern. I wonder what they say now? Or will say once they find out how this predicted collapse affects their wallet? Here’s what I say:

I am not responsible for your fake debt-based mal-investments. I grew up in the Occupied Confederate States of America. My dining habits, Christmas celebrations, and clothing selection choices are none of your business. I fought this evil you endorsed and celebrated for decades. I made it happen.