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Dr. Roberts wants to know!

What happened to my country? It was torn apart by bitchy white liberals, by the influence of Jewish Marxists known as the Frankfort School, and by the 1965 immigration act that turned the United States into a Tower of Babel. These developments launched the denunciation and “unmasking” that branded America as “racist,” “exploitative,” and “misogynist.” Today our history is a compendium of crimes as the New York Times 1619 Project, now taught in public schools, illustrates.


In related news, the demons who destroyed America never stop. READ THIS. It sounds a little like what I’ve been saying about how, some day when it’s just us and them left, the evil globos may come to us and say they depopulated the world of idiots for our benefit. If that happens, we should thank them – with axe strokes.