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Pepe Escobar has a most interesting piece on the WEF all your favorite GOP satanists are attending. He includes military assessments similar to what I’ve been writing for a while now, including the nuclear imbalance.

[Niall] Ferguson has “deduced” that Russia is weak and China is strong. Nonsense. Both are strong – and Russia is more advanced technologically than China in their advanced offensive and defensive missile development, and can beat the US in a nuclear war as Russian air space is sealed by layered defenses such as the S-400 all the way to the already tested S-500s and designed S-600s.

I still don’t think WW3 will go the whole nuclear distance. But if it does, then the USSA-ZATO alliance may well FAFO as the kids in kongress say. Fun times.

PS: either a short summary or a rather heavy column will be along a little later this week.