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The Battle of Homeschool Hill and Other Matters for a New Year


Hello, and again happy interim between Western and Orthodox Christmases. It was going to be another article about education. Feeling generous, I thought to also discuss related demographic trends. However, I tire of repeating the same topics ad nauseam. Therefore, I will cover those issues in brief, while adding a few omnibus affairs that may or may not be important in 2023. Happy new year, y’all!

Education. The problems have little to do with the recent retardery of wokeness. The modern schools, as formed in the 1800s, are literally evil. Having personally suffered under and explored this failed institution from end to end, both as an inmate and as a deputy warden – from a “Christian” segregation academy, to a third-world excuse of a public system, to the halls of graduate school – I am a proponent of homeschooling. If one has children, one loves one’s children, and one values Western Civilization, then Christian, Classical homeschooling isn’t just the best option, it’s the only option. I really intend to eventually review Teaching The Trivium by the Bluedorns.

One quote, from page 34: “Education is for a purpose. If the purpose does not have God in view, then it is godless education, and it will eventually produce godless results.” They also maintain, correctly, that the only real education is one that begins with, and consistently nurtures, the revelations of Almighty God. Our “schools” do the opposite.

If one allows one’s children to learn, then one probably knows or senses that the satanic system is one’s adversary. It is, and it has developed a slow-boiling plan of attack on legitimate education. Stories of horror and idiocy, which I will not rehash, pop up time and again. Seeing that a small percentage of families, though still a relatively large aggregate number of them, do teach their children, I envisioned a program or pogram whereby the hellish state might seek to make homeschooling improbable or impossible, whether de facto or de jure. I know they want to do this, they seethe over the prospects. But they are, now more than ever, pressed on multiple fronts and desperately trying to hold some of what they already have. It’s a mixed bag of probabilities. So, if that terrible day comes, please be ready for it. It is a hill worth dying on, and worth killing to defend. (I hereby omit some charts and more quotes).

Demography. As a Southerner, I suppose it is de rigueur to mention the importance of our flags, statues, heritage, history, and unique way of life. These things and concepts define and precondition our society. They are legitimate parts of our culture. They link our current existence with the past. They are also utterly irrelevant if we cease to exist. Numerically, we are ceasing to exist. 

Here, I omit a large, unpleasant chart, some definitions, and a little extraneous discussion. Know that between 2015 and 2021 the non-Hispanic White population in the United States fell by over 2 million individuals. 2022 possibly saw a net loss of another million, give or take. That drops our overall population to around 194 million, essentially where we were in the mid-late 1990s. The US has, during the ensuing years, added some 50 million non-Whites. This is the not-so-Great Replacement, which is official legal policy rather than any manner of theory. I realize one’s particular area might defy the trend, or so one might imagine. I also know in the South some states have fared better than the average, while others are ahead of the dreadful curve. I also understand the uncomfortable concept, absolute and “cultural,” of auto-genocide. 

The war on Southerners, the war on White People, and the war on our (and all) children are smaller parts of the ongoing war against Christianity and Western Civilization. One affects another, all being intertwined. Logistically or strategically, it may be useful to examine a few in-progress aspects of the greater war. Some kicked off in earnest in 2022. Some will continue, while others begin in 2023. Yet more awaits in the uncertain future. I’ll present this in terms of three events I have long foreseen as ushering in the destruction of the remains of the United States: an economic collapse, a massive foreign military defeat, and a horrendous domestic war.

The Economy. Pursuant to the destruction of the American Nation, and the growing rule by women and foreigners over the US, after 1913 it was decided that the US economy and the very existence of money would be turned over to a small cult of devil worshipers. This arrangement worked out rather well for them and their fellow travelers in the hideous yankee capital. It has been an unmitigated disaster for the American people. Absolute financialization, fulfilling Gresham’s Law, has taken us from real money to fiat money, to fake fiat money, to nonexistent debt-based money. (By the way, the late and very great Tom Moore foreshadowed all of this in A Fatal Mercy). As it stands in January 2023, there is statistically zero legitimate money in the US/NATO/BIS/WereWestern economy. None. There is no money. Most of the real value in this slave system, and most production-based benefit therein, has been driven into the pockets of the wicked masters. Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Ian Fletcher, David Graeber, et cetera, have explained how this process unfolded, though a simple trip to the grocery store may provide ample interpretation.

A handful of nations in “Zone B,” led by Russia and China, fomented an international rebellion against this usurious evil. In 2022, when Russia was stupidly cast from the SWIFT system, Moscow and Beijing flipped the switch on SPFS(MIR)-CIPS, and the world economy bifurcated. Westerners, Americans, and Southerners are on the wrong side, the side based exclusively on lies, fraud, force, dark magic, theft, slavery, and murder. The Sino-Russian alternative, which 80-90% of the world will probably eventually join, is based on actual production and productive capacity, indexed commodities, including gold and oil, and a “whole process democratic” philosophy of treating money as a public utility. Critically, the new alternative is not founded in satanism, and it is under the ownership and control of the men of the subject countries, rather than a cabal of ancient trolls in London, New York, and Basel.

The base fools in DC, NYC, and London are spinning, spiraling hopelessly as the world de-couples. 2023 will possibly finalize a few projects begun in 2022, such as the end of the US-enabling Petrodollar. In the end, this will be a boon for most people in the world, though a nightmarish ordeal for Americans and Westerners. We’re already feeling some early effects. Prepare to feel many more of much greater, harsher magnitude. Optimistically, those on our side who survive may gain a chance to restore their genuine freedom and potential.

World War III. Many will disagree, but I assume that it is already underway. It is and may yet be as different from WW2 as WW2 was from WW1. But it essentially pits the armies and political structures of the above-noted bifurcated halves, Clown World (the Werewest) and Sovereign World, against each other. 

Really, it may have begun even as WW2 ended, lasting through the Cold War, and heating this century. On February 24, 2022, it kicked up a notch when Russia finally moved to nix US/NATO aggression in Ukraine. As a fully international conflict, other fronts simmer, particularly in East Asia and the Middle East. The US and NATO are already heavily, directly involved against Russia. In saloon-speak, they are having their asses handed to them; Russia is beginning to disarm and “deNazify” NATO as well as the disciples of Stepan Bandera. This should have been assumed, as in terms of military-industrial output, Russia alone out-produces all of NATO, the US included, by something like a factor of twelve. It also bears mentioning that the US is obviously fighting a tandem war against its own NATO allies.

While remembering China, India, Iran, and more are still out there, looming, the Russians still haven’t cranked their war machine to anywhere near its maximal or even optimal potential. But they will. They’ll have to as the Ziocon fools who rule the US will leave them no choice. Our wicked, fake elites are beyond desperate. They know they have finally gotten the very war they wanted and that they know they cannot win. Being possessed by illogical demons, they do not care. They will happily sacrifice as many of us as they can get away with out of pure fear, greed, and hatred.

I have no idea how this will play out. No one does. I am not concerned about whether it remains a conventional war, or if it comes to involve nuclear arms. Ultimately, I think it will work out well, or better, for the majority of humanity. Again, those Americans who live to see the day after will probably enter into a refreshing new era of peace.

Civil War 2.0. If selling the idea of a new world war is difficult, then this one might even be more so. I already believe this war has commenced, though it is now a very low-level conflict. It will bear little resemblance to the Southern War for Independence. Once it gets going, it will be bad. B-A-D, bad. Or, so I think, even as I have no exact idea how it will play out. We have been advised to envision Rwanda multiplied by Yugoslavia, which even as it doesn’t work out mathematically, may still be appropriate. The fun will probably start in conjunction with the financial collapse and/or the hammering abroad.

Our little elite overclass of Deevs has re-engineered homogenous America into a boiling stew of competing factions. They did this, not to divide us, but to lump us all together in a pressure cooker. As their plans for both world dominance and worldly relocation have been thwarted, they are stuck here in the mess they made. We, all of us, are stuck with them. And, make no mistake, they hate us, all of us, even more than they hate the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians. Even as our various theaters of distention erupt, they, given no outer alternatives, will rain down their hatred upon us. Here’s hoping Russia can disarm their pet military as much as possible before it is loosed upon us. 

It does not have to be that way, though it almost certainly will. Ergo, now is the ripe time to make plans, lay in preparations, and choose sides. Faith, family, farms, firearms, and all that. I’ll end with an admonition as applicable to Southerners as it is to New Englanders, New Africaners, Neo-Aztecs, and everyone else: we are many things, but one thing we are not, at present, is ready. Take heart! Because nobody really ever is ready. Come what may, we can and many of us will make it. Why? And how? Because…

Deo Vindice!