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Even the Ukie Times is talking about it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named “chief exorcist” by the head of the country’s Orthodox Church as the Kremlin seeks to redefine the goals of its invasion of Ukraine.

Putin, when he invaded the neighboring country on February 24, used the term “denazification,” saying that was the goal of his so-called “special military operation,” but now his security council is shifting to the phrase “desatanization.”

That’s fitting as Ukraine, like the USSA, is overrun with and run by satanists. Yes, get on with the exorcism, Vlad! Z!

And I don’t mind at all that the Russians have co-opted a concept of mine for their work in Ukraine.

An aside: wouldn’t it be dandy to behold a special military operation to deglobalize and desatanize America?

We’ll take what we can get with the high hopes that these operations spread as needed. Again, Z!