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J.R.R. Tolkien and the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine


Back to WW3, through the lens of true good versus darkest evil. Today’s title pays mild homage to a very good blogger who styles just about all issues in conjunction with the writings and musings of Professor Tolkien’s good friend, C.S. Lewis. Unfortunately, like many good people, he appears taken with the fake WereWestern narrative concerning Russia’s overthrow of the satanic world disorder. I hope Tolkien’s perspective, as herein presented, corrects any misapprehension about Russia’s necessary works.

I trust the reader has by now read Two Hundred Years Together. That book briefly explores a 1,200-year history in and around the area that is now modern Ukraine while focusing rather intently on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. What’s been in progress for a month now is but the latest chapter in a very old and familiar saga.

The reader must know by now the history of Stepan Bandera and the rise of and ingraining of literal Nazism in WW2 Ukraine, Soviet Ukraine, and post-Christmas 1991 Ukraine. Don’t grieve overmuch for the role “your” evil country played in propagating this darkness – unless you worked for Allen Dulles on certain projects or your name happens to be Vicky Nuland. The reader knows well the wickedness perpetrated by the likes of Nuland, Obama, Trump, Soros, McCain, Fauci, and the Biden Crime Family towards the destruction and subjugation of Ukraine this century, along with the ongoing oppression and genocide of ethnic Russians in the Donbass and (initially) in Crimea. You’ve read the war crimes reports and/or seen the documentaries detailing the relentless damage inflicted by NATO puppets in Kiev and their Azov henchmen against the innocent people in the DPR and LPR since 2014. Tens of thousands of casualties. You know how bad it was. [Wordpress, et al: it’s “K-I-E-V”].

And it was poised to become much, much worse. The reason the bulk of Ukraine’s land forces were concentrated at the borders of the Don in February of this year was that an invasion and campaign of extermination were planned. President Putin interrupted it with ONE DAY to spare. He also made good on his prior promises not to allow the potentially genocidal and nation obliterating actions threatened against Russia by the WereWest. He further forced NATO to honor its previous commitments or else show itself to be a toothless fraud. The Ziocon frauds were talking publically, as late as late fall, about carving Russia into five separate puppet states. That can’t happen, obviously. Putin brought to world attention the bioweapons labs. He’s done so much, with relatively little force, in such a short amount of time.

Still, the damage – to the forces of evil – is devastating. The damage will grow as the dollar loses dominance and the new Tower of Babel is laid low. It’s happening as I type. There’s no stopping it. Some of the pain will be felt by all parties, those responsible and otherwise. However, it will lead to greater things for Ukraine, for Russia, for the rest of the free nations, eventually for Europeans (provided they don’t do anything really stupid), and ultimately, even for Americans – provided they can shake off the evil foreign elites who currently control them.

Globalism is dead. For now. Until The End, it will remain like a dark shadow, ever seeking a chance to grow. For now, however, there’s simply no fight left in it beyond the kinds of false words the media has been slinging. Technically, as a wounded beast, it will be rather dangerous to those under its sway. For a little while longer. By the way, speaking of a little while, did anyone notice that the foretold ten to fourteen days passed, no later than Monday, and Putin’s army is still there and still winning? I’m sure they have another clever lie to cover for that deficiency. Lies are all they have. NATO cannot intervene, not successfully. The idiotic Rambos died, as I predicted, messy deaths with, in some cases, nothing left for their families to bury. Heaps of Manpads and Javelins went up in spectacular fireballs. Current A+ and NextGen rocketry (or missiletry) are on display. There’s nothing in the world even close to some of these things.

Putin approached the Special Operation with the intent to free Ukraine while at the same time being prepared to fight the full (weak) forces of Brussels, London, and Washington. He was serious about those consequences like some have “never seen in their history.” I don’t think this war will go the distance. If perchance it does, I think Russia (backed by China if necessary) will win. I think the WereWest will lose a conventional, continental war. I also think they will lose a nuclear contest. If you don’t think so, then you probably haven’t thought much about it at all. You haven’t asked when the US last produced any appreciable quantity of tritium. Nor why the USAF had to scrap the recent Minuteman test. Nor have you looked into the radar vulnerability of the vaunted B-2 (B-52s and B-1s might as well be glowing neon beacons). Nor have you inquired into the Zircon, the Dagger, or the phenomenon of “plasma stealth.” Nor have you read anything, nor seen any demonstration footage of the S-400/500/550 complex. Do you understand the ramifications of unjammable, jam-targeting, full STS to ABM capabilities? In short, the odds of the WereWest landing an ICBM or bomber strike on Russia is probably in the one-in-one-hundred range. Russia’s odds are probably close to one-in-one. As evil and retarded as your fake leaders are, they know much of this. Thus, they lie, babble, issue hollow threats, and fade angrily and violently into irrelevance. 

If this is – and it may not be – the Empire’s final failed foreign adventure, then they may lose it on the backs of vicious, retarded neo-Nazi proxies. Let that sink in. Things are moving as they will, anyway.

Putin had to act, both to save his people and the related people of Ukraine, and to finally shove the satanic world disorder back into its dark place. He didn’t do any of this to rebuild the USSR or the Russian Empire. He didn’t do it because he “hates our freedoms.” What are those freedoms, again? Usury, sodomy, infanticide, dysgenics, insanity, and obesity? He didn’t do it for hate at all, except for the righteous hatred of evil. He did it, as he mentioned two weeks ago before 200,000 cheering Russians, out of love and respect. Per his usual speaking style, he impromptu paraphrased John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” [KJV]

Despite the lies that the talking screen told you, half the world is already with Putin – with most of the other half at least not against him. More will follow, hopefully including the people of the West, assuming they dare retake their lands from the tiny and pathetic usurpers. To be rid of their mastery would be reward enough, but one would almost like to see these living demons hauled somewhere to judgment, chained and blindfolded. 

An aside: wouldn’t it be dandy to behold a special military operation to deglobalize and desatanize America?

J.R.R. Tolkien understood mankind. He also had a firm and personal knowledge of good and evil, and of warfare between the two. He indeed envisioned something akin to Russia’s Operation. It was called The War for the Sake of the Elves, also known as The Battle of the Powers. My reader will refresh his memory by re-reading chapter three in The Silmarillion

Melkor was, by sad chance, the first Power to discover the newly-awakened Elves. In his endless quest to ever pervert, convert, or destroy, he began immediately harassing the First Born with the intent of either corrupting them or annihilating them. Orome located the Elves in Cuivienen, uncovered Melkor’s plot, and promptly reported the alarming news to Manwe. In short order, with a guard placed around the Elves, the hosts of the Valar and the Maiar marched on Utumno, destroyed it, and took Melkor away, bound and blindered. His sentence was three ages of imprisonment. Of course, soon after his release, he commenced his disruptions anew. However, for the time being, the Elves, the Valar, and Middle Earth itself knew a period of relative peace and growth.

The damage from the War was extreme – continent-altering – but it was, like Russia’s Operation, necessary. The alternative would have involved the Valar ceding dominion of Middle Earth and the Elves to Melkor in stark defiance of the plans of Eru. Again, the result was peace followed by successive periods of history going forward as they would, for all parties involved, rather than going nowhere, utterly under the totalitarian, luciferian command of evil. 

So it goes with Ukraine. In a fanciful sense, Putin plays the role of Tulkas. Or, to be very fanciful, he is Manwe, with the great champion played by who? Ramzan? (Ramzan and all his men are some bad sumbitches, no?! If only Lee had had some Chechens… Salute!) The Russo-Ukrainian People(s) are the Quendi. Melkor is, as ever-analogized, the dark prince of the world  – the one worshipped by the NWO Babel builders and Not-so-great Resetters. They, in turn, take various active supporting roles: Brandon is a sleeping, incontinent Sauron with dementia; FOX/CNN/CIA/BBC/MI6 is a panicked Balrog; Nuland is a lowly orc, and; Herr Zelenskyy is a lowly if slightly higher ranked, cross-dressing, Jewish, Nazi orc (maybe a troll chieftain, in high heels?) on a string pulled by other panicked Balrogs. The (now dead) mercs were the poor orcs who first met the Valar near Angband. The #StandWithJewishHitler TV news-watching rubes are like the less-than-faithful dark Quendi that fled upon Orome’s initial arrival – because, in both cases, they bought the lies. Most of the world’s population, vaguely aware and little concerned, are the slumbering Dwarves and Men, or possibly the very trees or rocks. Regardless of how Ukraine does or does not affect them, they too will benefit, as will we all, from the lessening of globalist restrictions, persecutions, and deceits. Like the good children of Arda, the good people of our world will face a period of rebuilding, in relative peace, but among relative damages. Again, the alternative would entail eking along as diaboli servi, presumably forever. Oh, and Hunter would still be just an incestuous philandering crackhead.

It also bears mentioning the scope and nature of the liars’ lies: they are constant and total. Exactly like the MSM/NATO/USSA, Melkor made sport of spreading disinformation, frequently disseminated as counter-misinformation, before the War, among his own servants, and unto the Elves. One knows he must have prevaricated and rationalized his head off during the conflict; he certainly did so upon his defeat, capture, and trial. Once free of the Halls of Mandos, he resumed his perfidious double-dealings. His servants, taking up the ways of their “father,” did likewise. In our world, it is what they, the servants of hell, do and, in many cases, all they do.

The author of Two Hundred Years understood that point as well as Tolkien. We’ll give him the final (para)quoted word: “They are lying, we know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but still they continue lying.”

Don’t believe them. Don’t tolerate them. Do not fear them. Chain them and cast them out.