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The late hubbub about Langley, Oswald, and Ruby isn’t news, because the relationship(s) has been observable and observed for years. But yes, the CIA killing of JFK is directly related to Operation 9/11-Woods, and both are indirectly related to the C19 biowarfare. It’s good that Tucker Carlson brought so much to the masses … so late. But what he presented might as well have been a compilation of what I and others have been saying for years. Yes, the CIA also invented the popular phrase “conspiracy theory,” which I N-gram’d recently, and which the retards have been happily parroting ever since the 60s.

A giveaway here is Tucker’s usual question about “what this means”. I’ve noticed two things about his reporting. One, while it’s always better and more honest than anything else from the MSM, it’s always at least a day or three late. In this case, it’s years late. Why? My suspicion is that some team has to take a little time to assess what may be reported. This, I suspect, goes far beyond ordinary editorial caution. Two, there’s always a weak “what does this mean” at the end, that, answered or not, appears geared towards keeping any drifting normie cons from leaving the plantation. In this story, it might as well have worked like this: “There’s a government within the government! We’ve lost our republic! We’d better [vote RepubliCON, etc.] or we’ll lose our republic!

I’m not entirely sure if I’m right. Retards, go ahead and scream, “conspiracy theory!!!” Please get ready to fall for the next lie. But, if I’m correct, then at least there’s one mainstreamer reporting something close to the truth. Better than that, the fact the controllers feel the need to corral the normies indicates that the whole plot is spinning apart. Regardless, as Gonzalo Lira says, “know what’s going on.”