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The Indicator Isn’t Necessarily The Proximate Cause


It’s Pearl Harbor Day, for those who happen to read this on December 7th, another day now likely forgotten. But today, we shall briefly discuss the ramifications of allowing incompetents, outsiders, and the illogically-minded control over the government and culture of a nation. Those in the occupied Confederate States of America are aware of this phenomenon, having lived with and under it for some one-hundred-sixty or so years. However, even for us, reminders and extraneous examples are sometimes in order.

An invasion or conquest doesn’t necessarily have to happen in the form of an overt attack, like a radar blip so large and fast-moving that only compromised idiot superiors see it as a “flock of birds.” Mass migration, for example, is generally worse than an outright military attack. The latter is at least visible and demands immediate attention, whereas the former is slower and oftentimes imperceptibly insidious. So too may a people’s judgment lapse concerning who, from within, rules over them. 

If your people come to be ruled over by foreigners, women, or children, then your people are likely under some curse from Almighty God. We were explicitly warned.

The stranger [aka, the foreigner] that liveth with thee in the land, shall rise up over thee, and shall be higher: and thou shalt go down, and be lower.” 

        • Deuteronomy 28:43

As for my people, their [some say, “youth(ful)”] oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them.” 

        • Isaiah 3:12

As a practical matter in both the OCSA and the wider USSA, there are not so many examples of literal children or youth ruling directly. Rather, we appear to have partially succumbed to the spectacle of overindulging the whims and expectations of the young (e.g. the dreaded “tyranny of the chicken nugget”), while extending childhood into perpetuity, coupled with a tolerance of allegedly mature leaders who in reality are but emotional or mental children (e.g. pick a Republican). Somewhere on the dark edges might lurk the specter of the terms “youths,” “teens,” “students,” et cetera used euphemistically to describe a certain difficult segment of the population. However, the main focus today is on the foreigners and women who have come to dominate our societies. Here follows a little exemplification that illustrates the Lord’s sincerity regarding the above passages. 

His is a hard case because it involves an entire nation-state besieged by a larger malevolent power, but drag queen Voldemort Zelensky is unlike the hyper-majority of Ukrainians. They are largely Orthodox Christians with ancient ties to Russia, and he is an outsider of a tribe that does not like being noticed. We’ll not get into that and risk accusations of “anti-satanism.” Sadly, the Ukrainians have largely gone along with the seizure of their government, economy, and now, their lives. Ze is, after all, a pitiful puppet of greater, darker authorities, so his part in “his” recent move to ban the Russian Orthodox Church, a major pillar of Ukrainian culture, is a mixed bag regarding the exact nature of his malicious rule. Yet one can only speculate about the hysterical mass reaction if the religions were reversed. Still, the fact that this and so much else has befallen the people would tend to indicate they may have made a few mistakes.

Back in the good old imperial homeland, popular political elections have degenerated to the point that they only amount to picking (when that’s allowed) which women or foreigners guide us into horrendous calamity. So it is that in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, the people, at a time, had a choice between two women, both of whom are foreigners: not-American Ilhan Omar (D – Somalia) and not-American Shukri Abdirahman (R – Somalia). I had never heard of Abdirahman until recently, but she appears to be a pleasant enough foreign woman who goes by the more pronounceable nickname of “Shu.” 

Shu, regardless of her origins, appears to have more brains and balls than all other “Rs” combined. I just read that she sees things as they pretty much are, and she has the wherewithal to say so. In response to the ridiculous fakery of the Musk-Taibbi “revelations” of what was painfully obvious two years ago, she Tweeted:

    • We can no longer get rid of tyranny by the ballots. It’s only by bullets now.
    • I’m done. I regret that I put my life on the line to defend these Nazis, and that so many of my brothers and sisters in arms died for.
    • Two pillars of a successful Republic are election integrity and confidence in our democratic processes. We have neither.
    • This is treason and the real insurrection.
    • This wasn’t by Russia. It’s done by our own fucking government.
    • Just so you know @HillaryClinton, Elon Musk is not suicidal.

By the way, when I tried to look up her Tweets, I was told, “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules. Learn more.” No thanks, Twits, I get it as-is. So much for Elon savin’ muh freeeeeeee speeeeech. Forget the fact that we knew or could have easily known all of this a long, long time ago; the fact remains that she is right about all of her points. 

We had some semblance of a civilized society. Now, we do not. Now, we are ruled over by a satanic elite who are intent on enslaving or killing us. They control the entire show and we do not. Ergo, there is no voting our way out of this mess. After every damned thing we have suffered, so many Americans still cannot see our new reality. But a foreign woman can.

Note that in Deuteronomy and Isaiah, the foreigners and women themselves are not necessarily the curse. They can be, but usually, they are but a symptom or instrument of God’s punishment for some misdeed(s) His people have committed. Marine le Pen, Giorgia Meloni, that dance party cocaine girl from Finland(?), and the rest may be, of their own governing accord, good or bad. In select cases, they may represent the only viable options. In lovely Shu’s case, she is at least a self-diagnosing symptom-option who literally spells out some of what went wrong. The ultimate fault doesn’t lie with her, Ilhan, Killary, Elon, or any other outsiders or ladies. Rather, it was the White Christian men of America who did many things over many years to incur the Wrath. We did it. 

We have led ourselves, our women, our children, and our friends and guests into a situation where the only outcomes appear to be living as slaves, dying, or fighting a war of reclamation. Wars are not fought with and certainly not won with ballots, lawsuits, Congressional hearings, criminal charges, or media lies. As a pretty Somali woman once suggested, they are won with bullets. Now, if only some solution to this grand riddle would present itself…